Barmuda Triangle


Newtown has always been one of my favorite suburbs in Sydney. I love it so much that I actually have this goal of buying a house there one day. I’m not really sure when that will be since house prices are just ridiculous in Australia but ah well, a guy can wish at least. Once, my friend took me to this place called Barmuda and it’s a comfy cafe right opposite the Newtown station, beside the famous Black Star bakery. Since I was in the neighborhood today, I decided to go to the place again for lunch.

If there was something in Barmuda that I really really love, it’s the Belgian hot chocolate. The cool thing about this is how they have melted Belgian chocolate inside the drink, as well as along the rim of the glass. The sweetness of this thick chocolate chunk on the rim of the glass kinda blocked away the hot chocolate inside the glass but when you have so much of that to lick on while drinking the hot chocolate inside it, it’s a treat and a half that you just cannot resist.


So, last time, when I went out with my friend, I ordered the Big Breakfast but this time, I wanted to try something different. I checked out their menu and I could not make up my mind between the Lamb dish and this other dish called Potato Stack. So, I asked the waitress for help. I asked the waitress “which one of these should I order” and the first thing she asked was “Do you eat a lot?” Yes, I do. The second thing she asked was just so awesome that I have to admit if there was an award show for waitresses, she would win the best cafe waitress of the year. “Do you have a hangover?”

Some people might not think it’s relevant but it’s true how we all crave different kinds of food when we have traces of alcohol left over in our system and when we don’t. As much as I like greasy food, I do not crave for it all the time, especially as much as I do when I have a hangover. So, when the waitress asked me that, I just couldn’t stop laughing and she laughed along.

So, I chose the Potato Stack. It’s pretty ironic how I ended up ordering this today when I was supposed to be eating vegetables/egg yesterday. Such a bummer since I do like to give full attention to my meat appreciation! But then, now I do know how this could be a great option for my vegetarian days.

Potato Stack was a dish where they fry thin slices of potatoes, stacked together to form this meatloaf-like block. The dish has scrambled eggs and grilled eggplant in it, with some tomato relish to give it a flavor to dip with.


You might not be able to see the grilled eggplant there but it’s between the scrambled egg and the first layer of potato stack. On top of the scrambled egg, they have place yet another storey of another mini-version of the potato stack below the scrambled egg. jan22-5Even though I was angry at myself for having ordered a vegetarian dish on the day that I could eat meat, this dish made my day. It was just so delicious and like the waitress said, it was filling. I would definitely order this again next time and I would recommend anyone who likes to eat full to go there.

The servings is generous, the staffs are trendy and friendly, the food is delicious and it totalled up to only $21.40 for this dish and the Belgian hot chocolate. I know this sounds lame but given I only do reviews of places that leave a mark on me, it’s only normal that I would rate these places high! So yes, definitely a 4 out of 5 for me!