Curse of Barry Allen

I was watching “The Flash” today and yes, I am still in season 1. I am not that much of a fan of DC comics but maybe because the main actor is just so adorable and hot in “The Flash” TV series, I got a bit into watching it. I have never actually heard of the actor but he’s such a hottie. He goes by the name Grant Guston.


So, I got sidetracked by how cute the actor is. Actually, the whole point of blogging about The Flash is on how bad I feel for the Flash character. Grant plays Barry Allen, who got hit by lightning to have this ability to move around superfast. Of course, a lot of you might already know who ‘The Flash’ is. So, he turned into this superhero and like any other superheroes, there is only a small group of people who knows that Barry is The Flash.

Now, Barry’s mom was killed by this superfast thing when he was a kid and his dad got arrested for this, even though he did not kill his mom. Since then, their neighbour, a black cop, has taken care of Barry, and this cop has a daughter, Iris. Of course, Barry and Iris grew up together, which makes them super close and tight best friends. However, Barry started to have a crush on Iris. There were some occasions where he tried to open up to her but he could never. To make things worse, she started going out with one of the detectives in her dad’s police station.

To make things even far worse, Iris’ dad, who knows that Barry is Flash, asked Barry to promise him that he would never blow his cover to his daughter, in fear that his daughter would get involved in this circle of crime fighting saga in the future. And to make it even more worse, Iris started a blog about The Flash, showing a huge interest on this crime fighting Flash. Flash tried to stop her from blogging about him or trying to figure who he is. He would go talk to her, always standing at angles where Iris would never be able to see the face of Flash. It gets super dramatic when Iris told him the reason she is so intrigued in this Flash phenomenon was because her best friend, Barry, the Flash of course, had always believed in the impossible and she wants to prove people about how her best friend is not crazy and he’s right. It was for the love she has on Barry, as a best friend of course.


Can you imagine how suffocating it must be for The Flash? So, first of all, his crush/best friend friendzoned him, dated someone and now has shown a huge interest in his secret alter ego, because she cares about him. If I were The Flash, it would be intolerable to just have to keep it all in. Of course, my posts are never irrelevant but at times, I think about how good relationships between two people has this possibility to turn sour and somewhat buzzkilled because of the way two people look at things. From what looks like an awesome friendship, one can only wish things can escalate to a much more committed relationship than to have to fall under the ‘friendzoned’ card.

Yes, there is a reason why this is affecting me a bit. I am beginning to show a lot of interest for Mr747. Everything seems so right. If things should escalate, I would hate to be Barry Allen.

Fate vs. Science

Those of you who knows me would know how much of a couch potato I am. I love watching TV and truth be told, the reason that I can speak presentable English, as much as I would like to think it’s all from growing up in an international school, it was more from the TV series and movies that I watch. Recently, I’ve been so drawn to this TV show called “Frequency” on Netflix.


Derived from a movie, where this guy got to contact his dead dad from ten years back to save his dad from dying and go through several butterfly effects to save his whole family, the series tells the same story. Instead of a son, it’s a daughter, named Raims, this time around. In order to save her dad from dying, she changed her past by getting contact with her dad through this old ham radio. She was about to get engaged to her boyfriend. But, saving her dad caused some butterfly effect where her mom ended up dying in the present and how her fiance was someone she does not know and who was about to get married to another girl.

As the plot goes on, it so happened that Raims kept crossing path with her fiance (well, fiance in the other present that has changed for now). Raims has collection of two pasts, one that was the original one and the one that got out from her saving her dad from dying. In the present life where his dad was saved, she ended up going to the bar where she would always go with her fiance (from the other past) would go. She bumped into the fiance. Then, there would be time she would bump into her fiance in the underground subway. Long story short, and this is not a spoiler, no matter how her once-fiance is engaged to another girl from another life in the current present, both of them started to fall for each other again.


If there is anything interesting about this TV series, it is the whole fair share of ‘tug of war’ balance between science and fate. There is just so much that we can change from our pasts but there is also so much that we can run away from fate. Often, I would think about the ‘what ifs’ of those people I have loved or dated in my life. There has not been any moment where I would go back to those I have been involved with and I do believe that this is only happening because I am meant to be with someone who I have not met. Maybe I have met him but I do not know as yet that he is the one for me.

It also makes me wonder how if I were to change something, from the future, of my present as of now, would I have met him then? Would I have known this person I will have yet to meet in this current present I am living in now? Fate, to me, is one big thing I believe in. I believe in karma and I do believe that no matter what I do or try to do anything, something always pulls me towards things I’m meant to be. Just like how I had to get deported from Australia once to be able to go back to Myanmar and become the first to host the opening and closing ceremony of the SEA Games, which started my high rank career as a successful MC, with my own radio show.  Just like how I had to go back to my country to connect with my family again before I got back here to Australia to live a more settled life.

Fate is, in fact, quite scary and unavoidable. It would suck to lose the one I love in the present just because I change a past but knowing one can never exit from fate, I feel quite comfortable that I will, in fact, meet the dude of my life through fate. I have not seen him in this current present yet. Maybe, in my other parallel present, I might have met him. I might have been married to him. I might even broken up with him. I don’t know. But however, I shall wait for fate to bring me that right ‘one’ person in my life, who is meant to be with me forever.