Serial Pick-Up Hunter

jan25-1It has been a while since I last went to Oxford Street, especially to those gay venues as part of my social life. Pubs and clubs on Oxford Street used to be my Friday ‘to go to’s but it has been a while since I last went to them. Mainly because I do not have any reasons to and it’s getting a bit too repetitive anyways. But, once in a while, it ain’t bad. Especially on a week day night before a holiday.

Tomorrow being an Australian Day, I was more than excited to go out tonight since it has been a while since I have last gone out. Two of my close friends came with me and it felt great to be out with them once again. So, once again, we were all at Stonewall, my favorite gay pub in Sydney. Well, I do like the other ones too but I seem to go to Stonewall a lot more than the others.

So, it was a malebox night at Stonewall. If you do not know what a malebox is, it’s when people coming in the pub needs to take a sticker each, that has numbers on it ans stick it on them. There are empty papers around the pubs, with pen. What you can do is to write a message to your favorite number. There’s a “to”, which is the number of the guy you want to pass your message to and a “from”, which is your number. I am not so sure if anyone takes it seriously but my friend and I ended up writing really bad one liners to random numbers.

I met RBF (Resting Bitch Face) there at Stonewall. RBF and I go way back. During my uni years in Sydney, I would always see him in clubs or pubs. He’s around six years older than me and he and I would always flirt but we have never picked up before. With a resting bitch face, I would feel a bit scared to communicate with him. Upon coming back here, I bumped into him and I’ve chatted to him on Grindr. It so turned out that he was into me and we decided we should meet up for sex at some point. I thought tonight could have been the night but something really turned me off about him tonight.

As I’ve mentioned, I was there with two friends. One had 711 as his number and the other one had another number, which I’ve forgotten. The other friend and I started writing a message for 711 just to tease him. With a number like that, it was just too easy to come up with something cheeky. “Can your legs stay open twenty four hours a day?” Too easy!

Oh! I’ve forgotten to mention how these messages are retrieved. These messages are placed inside this red mailbox on the stage at the corner of the pub where drag queens usually perform. The staffs in the pub would take round collecting these messages and upon retrieving them, they would write down these numbers and these numbers will be shown on the huge TV screen in the middle of the pub. If you see your number, you can go take the messages addressed to you.

The number 711 appeared twice on the screen. My other friend and I were sure one of them was ours and we were really curious about the other message. Funnily and ironically enough, none of them was from us. One of them was from some number (my 711 friend was getting lucky tonight I guess) and the other one was from a number I know of and it was from RBF.

I do not have any jealous bones in my body and I do not own RBF to be able to stop him from perving at others. However, the whole night, RBF has been rubbing my ass and groping my crotch and pressing me towards him, to which I did not mind; there was even one point where I thought I would get lucky with him tonight. So, when I found out that one of these messages was from RBF, I felt a bit disgusted.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I do not want to go home with a guy who’s been groping me all night, only to find out he’s been simultaneously sending ‘pick up’ messages to the friend I came to the bar with. If he had not been groping me or giving me signals, I would not have minded if RBF has sent my 711 the message. But yeah, I lost interest and I did not want to go home with him anymore.

I lost RBF halfway through the night and he wrote to me on Grindr “Thanks” and “whatever”. I do not know what those two were for. I asked him if he was ok, to which he said yes. So, giving the benefit of the doubt, I dodged continuing the chat and just ignored him. Now, I’m not even too sure I would go home with RBF in the future.