Convicting Feliny

SaltNPepa has been out of the picture for a while and I did not really get any messages from him during the week. Well, I do respect people for being busy and not being able to prioritize other things in their lives. Since the weekend was here, I finally negotiated with my ego to get myself to message SaltNPepa on Friday. We decided to meet this Sunday, which was today. To be exact, we decided to meet up for lunch near his place.

Of course, being the super thinker as I am, I have prepared myself for a potential dessert with this man, which I would not mind. And by dessert, I do not mean the sweet kind we put in or mouth (unless we define tastes of males genitals as sweet). And I kinda chose the place near him since I do not have the power or motivation to clean my room.

And yes, when the day actually came. SaltNPepa cancelled. How dare he? Well, it seems like he’s one of those people who works during the weekends and fair enough. I do get it to be honest. When you come back from work and especially when you’re too tired, the last thing you want to do is pick outfits to impress others. Or get your ass out of bed to go for lunch with a guy you got the number from at Palms night club two Fridays ago.

I was not angry to be honest. A little bit annoyed although with my newly unbroken injured nose, I was not in any mood to get out of my comfortable bedroom. He said he had to run a few errands at his place today and at first he was aiming to meet later in the evening but he cancelled. Without waiting for his confirmation, I met up with BroJ00 for our usual weekend intoxicating rendezvous at toms rooftop bar.

SaltNPepa asked me if it was possible to meet during the week days. Well, to be honest, my work shifts are from 11am until 7 pm this week and it was just a bit impossible to be able to make that work. Since it would be nearing 9 pm by the time I reach the city after work, it was just a bit not really workable. Regardless, I just asked him to message me when he wants to meet.

I call this the ‘cat’ move. Cats, unlike dogs, have this tendency to be attracted more to people who do not give a shit about them. My sister is a cat lover and she had this cute Persian for three years and the cat actually tries so hard to get the attention of her husband, who normally does not really give a hoot about its existence. Whenever my sister’s hubby feels like petting the cat, the cat would be on his natural high with his eyes closed, leaning its body towards the hubby.


Just like the Persian, I’m gonna leave the ball in SaltNPepa‘s court. I do not think he deserves to be given any attention until he is ready to actually meet up with me. Until he actually could motivate himself to meet up with me. Yes, being busy is something we all get webbed into in our lives but making time is also something that should be doable regardless. So yeah, watch me meow away purr-fectly away from you, mr!

In the end, if things are meant to be between me and SaltNPepa, be it partnership, relationship, friendship or fuckbuddyship (if that’s a word), one should not have to try this hard. So yeah, the ball’s in his court and this cat needs to focus on other things to spend his nine lives on. Especially after meeting this awesome guy yesterday evening. But ah well, I’ll have to leave the story about this guy for another day.

Desperation Summoned

It was all about convenience when I texted SaltNPepa today but I did not get any message back from him. It’s not like I am dying to get his attention and I am in no rush at all to meet up with him. However, it would be great to be acknowledged but then again, subconsciously, I have become a bit of a intense texter to this person.

It all started on Friday when I got SaltNPepa‘s number while I was at this gay pub called Palms. He never took me home because he said he had work on Saturday. Fair enough! He did mention how he would like to have dinner with me, which was also awesome. However, the trail of messages, when compared, made me look super desperate.

The message trail started on Friday when I got his number.

Sat 2:52 am,

Me : And this is Hein! As in Vein.

Me : You’re a good kisser by the way! 🙂

SaltNPepa : U too!

I should’ve stopped there but no! I just had to be super stupidly cheeky.

Me : Yeah! I youtub’d “best ways to kiss 101” haahaha

And there was no message from him.

Sat 1:40 pm,

Me: Is the last night drink doing you good today? Lol hope you’re having a good day, D!

Sat 6:02 pm,

SaltNPepa : Morning. Was nice to meet u.

Me : Did you just wake up lol

SaltNPepa : I woke up this morning, cleaned my house then went back to bed. Surfaced a couple hours ago. How are you holding up?

Me : Thought you were working today haha. I was doing well the whole day. Woke up at 9 to go lunch with friends but the energy is getting sucked out of me gradually hahaa

SalNPepa : I couldn’t get there. Was too tired. Rest up, and let’s catch up soon.

Me : Hahaha yeah I could imagine. Let’s aim for next weekend? I work late on weekdays until 7 pm and I live all the way in Parramatta.

SaltNPepa : Ok sounds good. I live in camperdown.

Ok, everything was going well but this morning, I was just so in the mood for a hook up. It was one of those mornings I wish I have this phone with a proper easy bootie call. And then, I also remembered that my next weekend’s schedule was swamped with lots of meet ups with my friends. So, I thought to myself how it would be convenient to meet him up today. So I started today.

Sun 9:41 am,

Me : Working today mr?

And that was it. No reply from him. If he was to get sick of me or think I do come across as chatty, I cannot really blame him. I could see how much of a non-chatter he is and I could also see that I do become this retard with so much bubbles in my brain whenever I get excited about someone. As much as he was not a wow factor on my men’s list, I do value the way we met. We met in a pub and we talked and got to know each other in a pub. We traded numbers. For once, I did not have to depend on gay apps to get to know someone I could potentially have fun with. So, for that reason, he has become one of the most interesting men on my list. But alas, it so turned out that this had made me this chatty retard when he is just someone, who would chuck a cameo text every now and then.


I feel so silly to be honest. Never did I want to try this hard for a man. I have become too comfortable in my own bubble of being on my own but somehow, because of my thirst for some man to man action, I have become to turn out as if I was some teenage chatty gay man who seems to be excited over this guy after trading numbers with him.

The worst thing was… I stumbled across his Facebook profile today because I have his number on my phone and for some reason, SaltNPepa looks so much hotter than I remember he did. Damn it! I really suck at timing!

UnSpice Up Your Life

Before anybody jumps to any conclusion after reading three paragraphs into this blog entry, please hear me out when I say that there is no bad intentions and this blog entry is not a hate entry, nor it is a personal diss to any nationality or race. If it should bother anyone of you, you can stop reading my blog posts but let me assure you one more time that there is no hatred nor bad point of view on any races from my end, although it might sound like it. Please do not read between the lines and just know that this is something I am sharing with you from my own personal experience.

Indian food is something I crave for and love. I also love Indian culture and some Hindi movies are worth the watch, for both their cultural slapstick comedic guilty pleasure or their artistic concepts. I do have a lot of Indian friends too and I am never to shun away any hot Indian boys. And by Indians, I meant to include all Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans, Indians and Pakistanis. It’s not like I am stereotyping them as one would to Chinesees, Japanesees and Koreans but I am only putting them in a group because I have been friends with people from these four countries and all of them LOVE Hindi films and Hindi music or Bollywood films. And honestly, their food use heavy dosage of masala or these heavy scented herbs or spice.


As much as I love these heavy scented herbs and spice on food, I do not really like it when it lingers around a person’s body. Now, this does not mean I would run away from people who has this funky post-herb-and-spice-dietary scents. I do have friends who whiffs this certain funk of a smell from miles away that would itch my nose but it will never stop me from hugging them or sitting next to them. However, when it comes to being super intimate, as in having sex or sharing a bed naked, with someone with the funky whiff, I prefer not to! So, I do love these smell on food but not on a human being as an aftermath of heavy dosage of these heavily scented spice and herbs.

Skin tone and color have different scents on a human being and I’m aware of this because I have worked for a fragrance company before. However, I do not believe that people are born with a stink. In fact, I even experimented this where I would eat these heavily scented herbs and spices for a week. And ALAS! I started to sweat this funky aftermath of a whiff on my skin. So, rest assured and proven from my experience, it is DEFINITELY the food and not the skin of a person.

When it comes to getting intimate with a guy in bed, I do not expect them to bathe themselves in Christian Dior Eau de parfum, although that would be ideal, and I can deal with minor odor. There is this body odor, which gets cuter as one indulges themselves into a heavy commitment. When you have lyrics like “your bedsheet smells like you”, you do know for sure that people are still attracted to people’s natural skin odor. I do not mind kissing smokers, nor waking up to kiss someone with the morning breath. However, when it comes to this heavy herb and spice odor, I really cannot bear it. I cannot get a turn on and I cannot focus on the sex.

I was at Palms tonight. It was supposed to be my fat weekend and I did not really dress much but I just put on a funky fedora, white T shirt and those pants that reveal the ankle of my low-cut socks hiding trendy formal shoes. Plain and simple yet a bit trendy, I was heavily relying on what I wear but not expecting people to swarm around me since I was feeling a bit obese this weekend. However, to my surprise, I had this cute guy who kept dancing with me.

He kept hugging me from the back and touching me in places on the dancefloor. I checked him out and I could see he was a dark skinned South Asian cutie. His body was just the type I like. Not muscled, not lean but just right. I love the way he man-handled me as well. I like it when men touch me without having to be flaky or freaky. There was just ONE THING. He smelled! It was not a stink and it was not a bad odor. It was not even a body odor but it was that aftermath of the trace of heavily-consumed South Asian herb and spice. I just got totally turned off and I tried my very best to be polite with shoving him off.

Fortunately, as I was sitting on the table, watching my friends dance on the dance floor, a salt and pepper facial hairy guy checked me out and we started talking. He thought I was good looking and I thought he was super cute. I knew he was older than me but he asked me why I would be interested in someone who is 42 years old. I told him I was 36 and that he would still be six when I was born. Calling him a daddy would not be right and I told him age has never been a bother. So, for the first time in a very long while, I picked up a phone number from a gay pub. I would’ve followed him home but he was working the next day. So, I took his phone number. We made out. He was a good kisser and he had the breath of a spearmint in his mouth. I even felt bad that I had a huge after taste of Coopers in my mouth.


In my convenience, I do not really have to feel bad for feeling the need to reject the spicy man. He saw me kissing SaltNPepa and I’m sure he got the gist. So, folks, as I have mentioned, it’s just my preference. I am not saying anything is right, nor wrong. It’s just my huge preference to have these spice on something I could chew and swallow and I am sure no men would appreciate being chewed on as well. And as for SaltNPepa, I gotta see if I will meet him again soon!

Non Play-Tonic

This has happened to me before and I cannot put a finger on it but I think I have a fear of being in a group. I do not mind crowds and people has said how much of an extrovert I am, although I beg to differ. However, I do not really like a ‘village’. What do I mean by ‘village’? It is just a group of people, more than five members, that could get supertight until things just revolve around each other. Nothing productive comes out of it and as much as there is a good sign of friendship among the group, it does ignite a spark of drama amongst the members.

Instead of going out last night to Arq, which I would normally do on a Friday to end up waking up with a bad hangover on the next Saturday morning, I woke up today to a sober Saturday morning with the pleasant notion that I am going to enjoy my day. I was meeting my bro-from-another-mo, BroJ00, a bisexual friend who I’ve met from Tinder and with whom the friendship has become more awesome and interesting given both of us have this awesome appreciation for “How I Met Your Mother”.

I took my friend to this place called MasterBowl in Chinatown. It’s this place where you tick all these things on a check list and all of these would be friend in a huge bowl with chilli; you can also choose your own chilli level. The cool thing about going out with this friend of mine to this type of restaurant is the fact that we both do not give a shit about what we pick but we just tick whatever we want. It ended up costing $96.00. From black fungus to duck’s gizzard, we just order whatever we think sounds delicious. It was worth it to be honest since we both ended up taking some leftover home. Before I blog on, you would appreciate the 96 dollars worth of food when the food looks as good as this.


BroJ00 and I were supposed to go see a movie after our lunch but we ended up walking around town. Sydney was celebrating Chinese New Year and it was worth walking around town looking at pop-up ambience decors. My friend then took me to this bar he once stumbled into tipsy. It was called The Republic and I have to admit it was a pretty good change to just have a seat in a straight bar, sipping on cool beer on a cruel cruel day.

So, the plan afterwards was to meet up with another friend of mine, who has the same name as one of the auditoriums in my uni back in my uni years. Now, this friend, MrAuditorium, is a guy I got to know from “Are You Interested” Facebook application years ago. We added each other on Facebook without having met since I was in Myanmar and he was in Australia. When I got back here, we met up but I was with my ex back then. So, nothing happened but for some reason, I feel pretty close to him. Although I am not too sure he would be my type, I do have a thing for him. It’s true what they say! Personalities do attract after all.

MrAuditorium does not really live in Sydney but he is currently taking sign language course, where he would have to come to Sydney once every week. I took him out for dinner, followed by a night out at Palms, another one of my favorite gay venues on Oxford Street. It was so good to see him again. This time around, I am single but to be honest, it kinda makes things a wee bit awkward. I did not know if I were supposed to do anything with him or expect anything with him.

Even though I really enjoy being out with MrAuditorium tonight, it was not really a good idea to tkae him to a gay venue. And it was also bad timing how there seemed to be a lot of good looking guys at Palms. Not only were there good looking guys but a few of them kinda made eye contact with me or smiled at me. I know I do not owe my friend any explanation and I could’ve just flirted with these guys but given I also flirt with this friend of mine and I was taking him out, I felt a bit guilty to be flirting with others.

BroJ00 joined us as well. He was worried he would be a third wheel to me and my friend. But, to be honest, I was glad he was there. I do not know how to explain it. BroJ00 and I always have good time when we go out. There was nothing awkward between us and it was just pure friendship. Whereas with MrAuditorium, I cannot really be myself around him since I do not really know whether I was playing a platonic card or the flirt cards with him.

Given MrAuditorium has an early class the next day, I had to leave Palms early at 1am. BroJ000 left as well, a bit disappointed the pub did not play his favorite La Bouche’s song. As much as I would like to stay on and flirt with those hot guys, I was glad I went home early. Given I could not get myself to be able to flirt with other guys while I have my other flirt-friend out with me, it was a bit of a suffer to just stand there and do nothing with these hot guys.