Concord or 747 (Part 2)

So, after back and forth conversing with Mr747, it so turned out that there is a chance that we do not just exist via whatsapp. I will be meeting him tomorrow!!!

Ok, before I make myself sound like a retarded girl in high school who just got asked by the heart-throb football jock to be his date at the prom, let me just say that I am really happy about this ONLY because I was a bit worried that this connection between me and Mr747 is going to stop via messaging.

Yes, it’s one thing to keep up with conversations or chats from dating apps and as I have blogged before, he seems to be doing a really good job at being able to talk with me or have something to chat about with me most of the time. From most of the people I had known from dating apps, he is, by far, the best since it was not a conversation where we ask each other what we’re wearing or conversations where we anticipate what we would do each other, if horny. It was just really good chat/conversation between him and me.

Now that we have established that we will be meeting again for the second time, it seems pretty awesome how these chats could lead up to actually meeting face to face with Mr747 again. Truth be told, I am not really expecting anything and even if there is anything to be expected, I will not mind the wait. However, I’m just glad that something good is evolving and even if it was a friendship between us, I would be grateful since it’s really rare to get a friendship out of Grindr too.

I guess I’m looking forward to meeting him tomorrow…..


Somewhat Human

mar28It’s really hard to find someone like Mr747 actually. So, yes, we have met. We have spoken on chat before. We have left impressions that we enjoyed each other’s company. I do understand there’s nothing there to expect between us and I do not even know if there is going to be sex between us, since that was the first intention of chatting up with him in the first stage. However, I am quite surprised to see a bit of a continuity.

Bored during break time at work, I just texted him for no reason and Alas, he replied. Maybe it kinda helps that he is from Melbourne and he’s living in Sydney like me, a Burmese guy living in Sydney. We are both loners and I do not know what it is about him but it was quite refreshing that he actually replied to my texts.

Yes, one might think that I’m throwing a woohoo over something so small but if you have used a dating app before, especially the gay dating apps, you would know how it is so difficult to gain that continuity of communication between two strangers who had met through an online platform.

It was just not a reply but he would continue the topical conversation. The topic was of nothing. I just happened to have to eat vegetables today as part of my Buddhist routine. From that topic, our conversation escalated to how he has friends in Brisbane who knows how to cook veggie dish. Then, we talked about how he should look into Randwick if he was to look for somewhere to live in. Then, out of nowhere, we started talking about his housemate cooking for him and then about how they were going to watch a movie called Uncle.

I do not really know what to make of this person but once in a while, it’s very refreshing to get to know someone human-like from Grindr.

Concord Or 747

“Concord or 747”? That was the first line that got us together.

I was having one of those toey days and I was just surfing Grindr for a potential quickie. At first, I didn’t really have any plans to talk with him but something lured me into talking with him. His picture looks cute but it did not catch my eyes. Blinded by thousands of half naked man or pictures of male crotches wrapped around lycra, although I was not really into them, his sweet face meant nothing for me. After all, I was toey and I was looking for someone without any intentions of a good chat.

Both of us were conversing away on Grindr. Normally I would not really chat that much unless I know I’m locked into getting my Mojo off with someone. I would not really chat that much unless I can see something happening between us. This man I was passionately talking with was a man who ended a seven year marriage with his ex-wife and just recently got out of a relationship with his ex boyfriend during Mardi Gras.

“I am not looking for anything.” I was aware of this and I was also a bit hesitant about our meet up since I do not know what got me agreeing to meet him up for a couple of beer. Maybe I miss the old fashioned drinks that we normally get ourselves into among my younger years from these dating apps. Maybe I miss intimacy with a normal guy to be friends with. Maybe I was thirsty for a gay friend. Not that I do not have any but it would just be great to actually have to meet someone whose first agenda isn’t sex.

Ironic eh? Especially for someone who’s looking for sex, it’s funny how I succumb to being defeated to agree to have a conversational meet up with this intelligent soul.

When I finally met him, I was amazed. I would always minus the quality of a person from their dating apps profile pics. There can always be a possibility of great filters used and people would always upload pics from the best looking angles. This guy, on the other hand, looks so much cuter in real life.

Looking so cute, same age as me, and having this ability to converse with me almost about anything, it was a great meet up. There has been a few times where he kept repeating about how we think so alike. I felt good. It was pure. It was clean. I was not expecting anything. I could put myself in his shoes as someone who has been pretty much scarred from relationships in the past. It’s not like I’m in his position but I can totally respect that he was not looking for anything.

He did mention he felt like he has known me for a long time. He said we have so much in common and he did mention how he tells me things he would normally not tell others. Maybe it was the beer but I like to think that it was just that priceless amount of click between the two of us.

Will you believe me if I told you that meeting up with this man for one of the best conversations was so much more satisfying than great sex with someone I do not know. It was not because I was so hooked on him as well. I just felt this certain ease of tensionless good conversation between two men. No agenda, nothing but a potential friendship between me and Mr747.

His three questions were simple, except for the last one.

Beer or wine?

Tea or coffee?

Concord or 747?

He asked me think about the last question and we would talk about it when we met. After the meet up on Saturday, he said it was just a random question. I was not really sold that he was just asking it randomly. But yeah, the meet up went so well we both forgot to make more of why that question was asked.

Concord or 747? I guess I’ll know one day.


Fickle Mojo

Having drunk a bit last night and today, being a day off, I found myself waking up to one of the laziest mornings of gloomy Sydney. I’ve been pretty good with controlling the amount of drinks I drink the night before and there was no sight of a hang over this morning. But that did not keep me active and alive on this Australian day. Laying lazy on my bed with my iPhone in my hand, it’s only natural that I started to cruise on Grindr.

Call it luck but it did not take me long enough to find someone who was keen to come over my place. He was quite mature agewise, 51, but he did not look as old. He was only around 5’7″ but he was fit. He does not stay around this neighborhood, which means there is no trace of potential clinging onto for second rounds or more. So, it was all quite safe to let him come over for a hook up.

Yes, it’s true I have always wanted a consistent friend with benefit, a regular one at that. But at times, there are also those “can do”s who I could only imagine doing for one time. I am not ageist but this guy and I had barely anything to talk about and we just jumped to discussing about meeting up right away. It also helps that he does not live around my neighborhood, which means it will not be as convenient after hooking up today.

I was already up and getting ready for this hook up, when suddenly I did not want to meet him anymore. I do not know what stopped me from wanting to meet up with him. As we were chatting, he mentioned something about wanting to take a shower at my place. Normally, I do not mind my regular buddies taking a shower before a hook up but this was our first time meeting and for some reason, I was not comfortable with the fact that he was going to be taking a shower at my place. But then again, I would not have minded given I rather he showered than not. It was not for this reason that I did not want to go on with this.

jan26I do not know what it was but I just lost interest. It’s funny cos there I was, with someone who wanted to come over to my place to give me pleasure, and after agreeing at first, I just did not want to anymore. Then, I started thinking about excuses. I started to think about all possible reasons I could give him for cancelling him to come over.

“My dog is sick” Well, that felt like a total lie since I do not have any pets, let alone a sick dog in my unit. What if he ended up coming in the end, only to find out I do not have a dog. “My mom is sick”. That is impossible since he already knew none of my family members are in Sydney and I find it a bit of a taboo to lie about someone you love being sick. “My flatmate is sick” Nah, that isn’t good either because I did not want to put him into the excise. “My flatmate’s mom is sick”. Nope, can’t do since it was last week that my flatmate’s mom was in the hospital. “my flatmate’s brother is sick”. Wait, he does have a brother and I do not want to say something inappropriate about his existing family member.

“My flatmate’s sister is sick and I have to accompany my flatmat to go to his sister’s place”

I feel a bit bad but he did believe me and I stopped chatting to him. I do not know what it is but I swear to God sometimes, our mojo has a mind of its own. It would be craving for so much sex at one point and fickle as they can be, it changes its mind to not want to do it anymore. Fickle much, my mojo?