Pause Button

Given I am pretty much a couch potato who watches a lot of TV series, it’s not really surprising to say that I get drawn towards the characters of the TV series. I don’t know about the readers here but I tend to sort of imagine myself as a lead character of my own TV series. And it always helps to get inspirations from the other characters of the TV series to kinda know how to make things happen.

It’s not difficult to just stay in bed and do nothing but it’s not easy at all to come up with something to do and actually feel satisfied towards the end. Especially with so much distractions like Netflix and phone apps these days, it’s too easy and convenient to just stay home and pass out in bed. What seems like a 3 minutes of a few games of gin rummy on my phone always ends up as actually four hours of hardcore gaming, without realizing how much time is spent.

Gossip Girl has been pretty much on my playlist lately. Yes, I am sooo far behind and while the other people has already celebrated the death of this TV series, I am still enjoying the thrills and spills of what little of an excitement the GG franchise has to offer. I am currently in the fifth season, one more season to reveal that Dan Humphrey is the Gossip Girl. Ok, you cannot call me the spoiler here when it was all over the internet last few years ago.


I used to get motivated watching Serena and Blaire. They do have their own little moments where they are so attached to their handphones but most of the times, they would always have things to do, people to meet, plots to handle and a huge life ahead of them to live. I want to be like them. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying I want to be this spoilt brat who lives off the money my rich parents make and pretty much go trolling other unfortunate weaklings in the most sassiest way imaginable. It’s more of the appreciation to watch these two pretty much living life.


Like these two characters, I want to be out there, meeting friends, keeping in touch with them, taking pictures, living each and every single minute. Of course I would like to keep myself grounded when it comes to spending money but just because Gossip Girl takes place in Manhattan does not mean each episode is based on how much they spent. It’s just quite inspirational for me to see little things they do, like eating ice cream on the street or meeting up people, whenever they want.

Call it unlucky but this season of Gossip Girl finds Serena having a life crisis. She seems to be losing her mojo and pretty much herself. It got to the point where she was just so unmotivated and let down by her life that she ended up hogging Gossip Girl’s account to pretend to be Gossip Girl for a short while. On the other hand, we got Blair Waldorf, who is in this maze of being torn between Chuck and other men in her life. She seems to be with her shit together but it was also quite painful to see her struggling on this confusion of not knowing what she wants in her life as well.

We can say that even two of the fictional characters who could inspire me are heading towards the downward spiral and given I seem pretty much am still trying to find my grounds in Australia whilst trying to figure out which friends I want to hang out with more or the things I want to do here, life seems pretty much caught up in a pause button that broke after having been pressed. What or who would fix that pause button in my life? I don’t know. But at this moment, even Serena and Blair are both under the same spell.