Nice pants

Call me old fashioned but I do not see anything normal about one of the only two guys in a room saying “Nice pants” as the first sentence to the other guy. Especially when the person who said it is supposedly straight.

My gaydar is so bad that I have always given any guys the benefit of the doubt when it comes to guessing if they are gay or not. Especially to those men that I’m attracted to, I would always assume they were straight. Why?? Well, if they’re straight, I can feel good about having guessed it right and if they’re not, I can still be happy that there’s a chance for me to be able to do something with him if things work.

I am still two months old at my job and I have started working there during Christmas time. So, I am not really that familiar with everyone in the office. I do know a fair amount of people at work but that does not really mean I would be able to tell who’s new or not. Especially when I started seeing this pretty cute guy from the logistic team.

First of all, he is not that super cute but he is definitely someone who can rock my boat, if you know what I mean. He has that angular face like David Bowie and blonde hair. His eyes look pretty skully and not really to my liking but the overall package is definitely a good average for my perve-o-meter. And he seems to have this really good nature/personality.

He and I usually end up taking breaks at the same time. Since I work in the customer service department, my breaks are scheduled and I do have to take breaks during certain period of the day. Since my break is at 2 pm, there will not be a lot of people in the room but me and him. He does not talk much, unless he has to ask if I were watching anything on TV in our work kitchen; he’s always watching TV during break time.

Like I’ve said, he’s not someone I would totally go hard for but he’s also someone I would not mind being around. He rarely talks to me and since I’m not a big fan of awkward silence, I would always be the first to break the silence.

Logistics team has to wear these safety yellow vests and I have never seen him in his usual casual self until last week. My cubicle faces a large window and I spotted him going to his car at the car park in a bright pink shirt. I might be old fashioned but EVERY men wears pink shirt lately and chicks dig guys in pink shirts. So, that doesn’t really make me wonder.

However, today, as I was just being busy with my iPhone in the kitchen during break time, I was surprised when he finally said something to me. Like a parent of the baby, whose first words were obscene, he caught me by surprise when his first words were “Nice pants”, after he looked down at my pants.


I’m sure it does not really symbolize anything but can anyone tell me which alpha straight male or a simple straight male compliments another bro on his pants, especially as the first thing to say. I was not moved, I was not offended and I had nothing to feel or think about but it sure makes me think. And this dude is also not someone who looks like he has any interest in fashion either.

Yes, call me old fashioned but I still find it a bit abnormal for a straight guy to compliment about a pair of pants as the first thing when bumping into another guy.