Guessing Blind

My mom has always been a bit of a worrying freak and I know it’s only because she loves me a lot. She’s well known for worrying about the smallest things you could think of. But then, when you come to think of it, those little things are such big deals; it’s only that it can come across as nagging at times and of course, naturally, nobody likes to be nagged.

I am as blind as a bat and I usually wear contact lens when I go out. I try to wear glasses at home as much as I can but when I go out, I would always wear contact lens. I am quite hygienic but at times, I can be very careless with contact lens. I would always put it on or take it off without washing my hands. I would sleep with them. I would sometimes just put them on without even moistening it with the cleanser.

So, my mom would always make this comment about how the eyes of a human being are one of the most important senses. Both mom and I know that five senses of a human being are all equally important but then again, come to think of it, it would suck to be blind and I have nothing but respect and empathy towards blind people or those who were born blind.

As much as it’s so motivating to hear of real life stories about how blind people live normal or how some of them even ace better than that of non blind people in life, it dose sound scary to imagine myself being blind. I was thinking about this on Saturday night when I was in bed with MadonnaFan. It had nothing to do with the topics of the conversation we both had. It had to do with us being naked on his bed in a dark room.

Given both of us only got naked only after we got into bed, I did not get to see what was down under (if you know what I mean). It’s not that it matters but given we were already naked in bed together, it’s only fair that my hand ventured off on its own until it meats his cock. I felt like a perve but that did get our motors turning and we started to feel each other. The only problem was that the lights were off.

You know when you stay in a dark room for a long time, you can start to get used to the darkness and you start to make shapes of things around you as your eyes adapt to this darkness? Well, after a while, my eyes started to see the things around me. The walls and the ceilings. I did not want to get my head up to check out what his schlong looks like so I started to cop a feel. Well, it wasn’t that much of a copping a feel as I started to touch his manhood with every parts of my palm.


In that second, I thought to myself “What if I was blind”. Then, I started to shape or imagined the sight of it inside my head. I could not do it. I visualized other objects as well to compare the size with. Spray can, carrots, eggplants, you name it, I visualized it all. I did have a rough estimate but I was not satisfied. I did not feel as if I had a proper guestimation of the size and shape of his manhood. I struggled to get the image right in my head and even worse, I did not feel any fulfillment or success in doing so.

Finally, I gave in and popped my head upright to peep at his manhood. It looked like one of the visuals I had but still I was not satisfied with my skills of shaping objects with my hands. It was then that I realized how valuable my mom’s words were. I used to cringe and scoff it off whenever she nags too much about it. In all fairness and in my defence, my mom can be quite naggy at times but yeah, I do not think I’ll be able to live life as a blind person.

Freaked out, I have started to be extra careful with contact lens handling starting from today.