Brightening The Corner

It might be because I grew up in a third world country but I have never actually had poached eggs in my life until today. In fact, I have never heard of a poached egg until four years ago, while I was watching Gordon Ramsay’s Master Chef; I remember being amused by how they drop an egg into a whirring boiled water after a strong stir by the contestant.

Do not take my word on why poached eggs have been missing from my childhood is because I come from a third world country though. For all I know, my family has never poached eggs before. Maybe some other families from Myanmar might have.

The reason that I might not be able to do reviews about restaurants is because I would stick to my favorite diners, restaurants or eateries. To make things worse, I would always order the same thing over and over again. I guess I’m taking a different approach for 2017 as I braved myself up today to order something different at new eating places.

Located in the middle of a quiet suburb called Petersham, my friend took me to this very cosy brunch area called “Brighton The Corner”. The brunch cafe is situated at one corner of a cross junction. I am not sure if this was supposed to be a pun in the first place but the fresh clean look of the place does brighten the corner. There was another cafe just across the street but I had no recollection of what it was called.


My friend and I chose to sit outside the cafe since we felt much more comfortable there. The inside was just as equally comfy but I did get the smell of something cooking in the background. As much as it made me hungrier and crave for their food, I am not a fan of getting my hair smelling like food. So, we chose to sit outside of the brunch cafe.

As mentioned earlier, I tried to order something different. I wanted to know what the big deal was about poached eggs since they always remind me of egg flavored nut sacks of an over aged polar bear. I figured it would just taste like a hard boiled egg. So, I decided to order the sweet corn fritters, a dish that comes with poached eggs and optional addage of bacon.


I was pretty much excited upon getting the sweet corn fritters since I could see the little poached egg on top, just waiting to be cracked with a fork. There was a pretty generous amount of bacon and the fritters came with a spicy relish. Gordon Ramsay once mentioned in his show how it was important to get the right amount of yolk leakage from a poached egg. It was something along the lines of being able to have a semi-thick leakage of the yolk upon slicing it with a fork. I imagined as if I was Gordon Ramsay at the judging table and I was pretty amazed by how the yolk leakage resembles that of the one prepared by a good contestant on the show.

The spicy relish was something. It was not spicy to be honest but I was fascinated by how sweet it was. Why the fascination? I would’ve never gotten the chemistry of a sweet savory food going with a sweet sauce. It would be like dipping tomato into a dish of ketchup but for some reason, the combination of their sweet corn fritters and the so called ‘spicy’ relish worked pretty well. Not that it was necessary to tame the sweetness but having the smashed avocado in this dish actually gives out that balance of taste.

To be honest, I really liked the sweet corn fritters. It did not fill my tummy but I was satisfied and since I was craving for dessert, I was pretty happy I got to order their crumpets. They do not have the dessert menu but being pretty good at dessert sighting, I saw this piece of paper stuck with their menu on their crumpets.


The crumpet came with several berries and grapes, strawberries, raspberries and grapes. There was also a pear involved. To be honest, I did not pay attention on whether it was a pancake or a crumpet and I have not really remembered the last time I had a crumpet. So, I was hoping it was be as sweet as a pancake. Slicing a bit of a crumpet before eating any of the sweet stuff, I was confused to why the crumpet did not really have a sweet taste to it.

It was then that I realized that it was not really a pancake, but crumpets. Then, I was a bit confused about how it would be really weird to eat those crumpets with the fruits. Won’t that feel as if you are eating a piece of bread with fruit? I am a big fan of having a bit of a bonding substance between two dry food textures. Yes, give me a slice of bread and  ham, I would put mayo in between. Give me rice and chicken, I would pour some soup on the rice. I was a bit hesitant to give any opinions on this dessert.

It was then that I realized this thing on top. It looked like cheese but then I found out that it was a block of honeycomb butter. As I started spreading those onto the crumpets, it sank in. Then, I started to eat the honeycomb butter coated crumpets with the fruits and it was just magic. When I sent my mom the picture of this dessert dish via the social media, she had mentioned how sweet it would be.

Yes, I am a huge fan of sweet things but I have to admit that this crumpet dish at Brighton The Corner did not overdo the sweetness. It was just right and it was one of those dishes that I did not feel that bloated or have weird aftertaste after eating it.

If there was something I really liked about Brighton The Corner, it would be their sense of balance. Their fusion of taste is not as exaggerated as some strong Myanmar dishes, but then it is also not as dry and tasteless as other dishes I have eaten in Sydney. I am not really sure what people mean by ‘hearty’ but if I had to describe the meal I had today, I would have used the word.

It felt as if I had eaten just enough for my tummy with no bad aftertaste. I am not that fuzzy about aftertaste since I find it quite nostalgic to have a bit of that lingering after a meal but it was quite refreshing to finish my brunch without having to feel like I would be needing to chew a gum.

The corn fritter, the crumpets and a chai latte only costed me $36.00. The service was awesome and I love one of their waitresses with this dead pan humor. She also asked me the cologne I was wearing and I love it when people with dry humor gives compliments. I would definitely suggest this place to my friends. Not that I am a certified reviewer or anything but I was impressed and I would easily give this place a 4 out of 5!