Magic might

Do you believe in magic? I have always been fascinated by the mystery behind some certain things in our lives. And by magic, I am not talking about the bunny in the hat by a moustached man with good suits. I am referring to the magic of life. What actually surrounds us is indeed a mystery but as my colleague and friend has mentioned before, “Once we pay attention to it, we will find it”

For some reason, while talking with my colleague today, she asked me when my date of birth was. This is the colleague who started work with me. We are of different age group and interests but there is a mutual understanding between us but after what happened today, I feel closer to her than I usually am.

jan20When I told her when my birthday was, she froze. There was no expression on her face and she just stared blankly at me. She did not utter anything for a good period amount of time and I was confused. What was happening here? Did I offend her? What have I said? Then, she said “That is my mom’s birthday too”. I could see tears welling up her eyes and I was still confused at why this was not a good thing.

I do know of her not having her mom anymore in this life but I did not really know why there was this really awkward silence for a while. In contrast, I suddenly felt this semi-euphoric pleasure inside my bones. It just so happened that at that moment when I learnt that I share the same date of birth with my colleague’s late mother, I suddenly felt this sense of serenity in me. I did not know why either.

It was after work when I received a message from her. My colleague is an artist, a creative one and a very good one at what she does. She ace so well at arts and craft and she has always been ever modest about her work. Although I do not talk much with her, I have always enjoyed looking at those things she paint. In addition to her creative mindset, she also believes in spirituality. Positive energy and universe are her sort of things. I might not be heavily indulged by it but I do admire spirituality and I respect those people who practices it.

So, her message was about how she had always asked her mother to give her a sign and somehow after two months of getting to know me, the guy who she started work with and the guy who she was somehow diplomatically made to be friends with since we only got each other as newbies, today has been pretty much the day where that sign has finally emerged in her life.

If her mom’s way of showing a sign to her daughter, from wherever she is at this stage, was to let her daughter’s colleague have the same birth date as her, I have to admit creativity does run in her family. It might be a co-incident but I am sold that my birth date, matching her late mom’s, is a sign that her mom is up there still with her daughter. Maybe I am that catalyst or that message in a bottle for her daughter to know that even though the mother is not in this life anymore, she would always find ways to communicate or to notify her daughter that she is around.

When my colleague told me that, I could not help feeling so empathetic and very happy in the most honorable way. And for some reason, it somehow did bring me closer to my colleague. And seriously, what were the odds that my colleague at work, out of nowhere, suddenly asked my date of birth today. Well, it was caused by getting birthday cake fed because someone was celebrating his birthday on level 2 of our office. But still, it’s amazing how things work.

So, yeah. I can’t stop feeling so happy for my colleague. Now she is reminded how her mom is there with her. She mentioned she cried happy tears and I am just honored that I get to be part of this ‘magic’ moment of her life.