Heiny’s Day Out

Things did not end there yesterday. As I have mentioned before, Mr747 and I were to meet up for lunch. After my medical check up yesterday, I texted him with no expectations. I mean, it’s one thing to plan something ahead but given we broke all of his rules the night before, I was not sure if he would still want to meet up with me for anything, be it breakfast or lunch.

When I texted him, Mr747 was about to go to a house inspection in Lane Cove. At first, he asked me if I wanted to come but knowing it would take me an hour to get to him and since he had to go for inspection at that time when I texted, we decided to meet up only after that. It was sweet that he insisted on picking me up from my place to go to house inspection together with me. So, the plan was to meet up at Lane Cove. By the time I get there, he would be finished with his house inspection and we could meet for lunch.


View from Waverton

When I got to the city, which was like a 20 minutes bus ride from Lane Cove, he was done with inspection and he decided to come pick me up at where I was. Then, we both went to this place I had never been called Waverton. We had coffee at that suburb and after a few coffee, we walked around. It was a bit of a last minute hike at some sight that used to be a coal mine. If I had not mentioned it earlier in my blog, Mr747 is one of those people who never stays still and he would be trotting from one place to another. To him, this was pleasure. To me, it was tiring but not as tiring since I was enjoying my time with him.


the coal mine tunnel

After our little trip around the coal mine sight, we went to another house inspection. We were met up by a real estate agent and Mr747 just took me while he looked around this place, which could potentially be his future home. I am not really imagining or expecting things but we both sure looked like a couple looking for a place together to stay together in. It was either a couple or two housemates but we both looked like as if we were moving in together.

Then, we decided to go home and he took me home. The way home was quite interesting actually since I started to play around with his car stereo and checked out the songs he had. I knew most of the songs he has on his playlist. To me, this is just another semi music quiz since I love almost any types of music but to him, he was happy that I knew most of the songs that he knows.  We started to sing together to his playlist on the way home and we had a Thelma and Louise moment as he drove home.

He actually drove to his place and we decided to go have some beer. We went to this bar near the riverside and had some beer. Then, he went back home for dinner and I went back to mine.

We chatted the whole day today even though we did not meet. Out of nowhere during our chat, he asked me if I wanted to come with him to Trivia with his housemate. Well, I still do not know what’s happening here as much as I do enjoy spending time with him, but I will be meeting up with his housemate on Tuesday. Honestly, I am a bit nervous about it.

It’s a bit confusing because Mr747 and I are just friends but we both have been very couply in the past few days. Having learnt from experience, I just tried not to think much about it and just to enjoy my time with him. Just because I had a great weekend with someone does not necessarily means that we are going through stages. But I cannot help really craving for his company again. And according to what one of my closest friends, Amore, said, “Give him best moments he’ll remember you by when you are with him” and I guess that’s what I am to do.

Three Of Us

Lately, I have been thinking lot of self-reflecting thoughts. It’s always been about the things around me. I guess I’m getting sick of changes in my life. I do not mind having a few changes here and there but as someone who’s always been on a move from one place to another and expected to have a very receptive adaptability with my every move, it’s become a bit tiring. It gets worse especially when I see my friends progressing and I always feel like I had to start from scratch again.

Walking to work, my iTune was playing Laura Pausini, an Italian singer I like. This made me think of last night where I was thinking of two of my soul mates back in Myanmar. Ok, soul mate, to me, need not necessarily be a man I am going to end my life with and have sex every night with. A soul mate, to me, is more of a friend I feel at home with. I am fortunate to have met a lot of good friends and close friends but I do have my fair share of those I can call my soul mates and these are the people I can just be myself around and always pick up where I leave off at any time without having to have to try hard. Before I moved back to Australia, I had two soul mates in Myanmar I was always around with. An Italian lady and a German girl.

Just like any good TV series, life does go on and the three of us are apart and we are pretty much in different continents and countries, leading our own lives. Maybe it was Laura Pausini or maybe it was my midlife crisis but this morning, I could not stop thinking about these two people in my life. Then, the more I think about them, the more I felt like I’m losing so much in my life without them. Well, of course, as all good friendship is made of, it’s pretty clear for the three of us that our friendship will never change and it will age like wine. However, physically, I do miss spending time with them. I miss meeting them out of nowhere. I miss waking up to looking forward to meeting them up. I miss retiring to each others’ arms after a long day of work.

As much as I do believe there will be more in the future, it does suck to not have it for the time being and as someone who’s always had things fade out of my life, I do sometimes ponder if this will just be another one of those milestones in my life that would just fade and stand pretty as an object of my past. Regardless of what stands in the way of our future, I decided that I would message both of them today.

It was during breaktime that I saw my Italian friend, Amore, tagged me on a post on Facebook. It was one of those annoying little videos that Facbeook would make off to celebrate several years of friendship between friends on Facebook. Apparently, the friendship with me showed up on Amore‘s newsfeed today. But this is where it gets interesting. She actually dreamt of me last night that I hugged her so hard without letting go for a long time. She was so happy to see me and she started crying, only to wake up to find this on her Facebook. Now, freakily enough, my mind was crying out for her and GermanMama the night before. Maybe the universe heard my cry. Maybe, there was something in the air that got my message to them. Maybe, we three are indeed connected in this weird kind of way where we can sense each other in one way or another. Funnily enough, when I mentioned about this to Amore and about how I miss GermanMama too, Amore mentioned that she was in her dream too.


It’s this kind of love that assures me that there is such thing as this kind of connection on this planet Earth. In a world where corruptions exist in unpredictable patterns, one can do nothing but cherish and treasure this kinda of priceless love that is shared between the three of us. I couldn’t stop smiling reading the message from them at work. The walk home from work to the bus stop that I catch to get home to is long and it was raining heavily. Under my umbrella and partially getting soaked, I gave a heavy sigh and cried a little bit since there was no one around me at 7 pm. It was not because I was sad or happy but I just could not stop missing those happy times I shared with both of them. Then, a few minutes later, I felt a bit stupid crying under an umbrella in the middle of a street and I started to smirk at myself for looking like this teenage girl in some Korean drama. Heavy rain! Violin in the background (yeah, my iTune was playing some classical violin music)! It was pretty much a Korean drama.