About A Hein

I was never good at fitting in, in my life. I grew up as a weird kid, the type of kid who challenges the meaning of the word ‘normal’ to a lot of people in his life. I am in my mid 30’s. Well, I started off this blog tonight while I sat at home, sober on a Saturday night in my mid-30. I am not so sure for how long this blog is going to last but one can ideally hope it goes a long way.

People often ask me what my interests in life are. As much as it excites me whenever I hear this question, I find myself dumbfounded whenever I have to answer it. I do not really know what really interests me in life. It is not because I do not have any but it’s more like I have too many to actually be able to fit them in a two minutes answer. It would take me days and days to give an answer to that. Well, at least a satisfying answer.

If there is one thing I like to do in life, it’s to live my life as if I was a character in a TV series. We are all given a life to live and why not have it lived in such a way that each day of our lives is worth writing something about. I also like to share my stories because I do believe there are people out there who could relate in one way or another with my stories I have to tell.

I find it quite interesting how looking back at one’s life can be such a thrill. If I should ever get amnesia as I grow older, it would at least be of a great opportunity to be able to look back and relive my past via this medium at least. So, here it is, finally! My own website and my blogsite. And most importantly, my time machine to my past for my future. Enjoy the site, readers!