Past Irrelevancy Summoned

Some people never grow up. Yes, there is always a tiny version of our mindsets in our systems for most of us but we do strive on in life with as much maturity as we possibly can. Maybe it’s the best tool we can think of to equip ourselves with in life. Maybe it’s important for some of us to appreciate maturity and embrace it. Maybe it’s just essential for us. Regardless, we all age with grace most of the time.

However, it’s pretty sad that some of us just loves to dwell on the past and linger. What started from a comment from one of my high school friends on one of my high school friends’ picture on Facebook accumulated to this ball of our high school past we are not proud of. It was not called for and it was triggered by the one of us who hasn’t grown up and we have no reasons to feel bad about it. But, being responsible adults, it was an ultimate buzzkill of the evening.

It was a post, posted by my Highschoolfriend2. It was a Starbucks coffee cup with the name “Ben Dover” on it. I laughed at his post and loved it since I am one of those people as well who gives weird names at Starbucks. My last one was Ted Mosby and that made the coffee maker of Starbucks to get off his register to come shake my hand. We truly were fans of “How I Met Your Mother”. But yeah, sticking to this post now.


So, Highschoolfriend1 made some comments on it, which was not really that bad and it was funny. And I JUST had to yap underneath, making fun of how he tends to outgay me everytime. That stunt was a BIG MISTAKE. A bit of a history first here.

Highschoolfriend1, just like the rest of us, has always been doing things. Uncertain about future, like the rest of us, and always sensitive about his life, like the rest of us, we always try to be there for him. Maybe I am wrong but whenever I try to pep talk the shit out of him, he always seems to come back with a backlash. Like I said, we all go through phases in life we had to struggle. I’ve done my fair share but that doesn’t really mean I have accomplished. I still have lots to do and lots more to want to accomplish. Whenever I try to cope him down with minor pep talks, he would say things like “well you are lucky. You were born in a rich family” or like “Well, now that you’re an MC, you don’t have to care about life” Umm.. excuse me! No matter what or where I am in life, we all have issues. It’s a bummer when you try to be nice to someone but then they kinda swerve the whole intentions to a “How will you understand when you have reached some point in your life” passive aggressive treatment.

Highschoolfriend2 is a successful businessman in Myanmar with a beautiful wife, who’s a popular actress and Highschoolfriend3 is doing well in the States. These two gents seem to have a firm grip of life by the balls but that has never stopped me from being inspired or being proud of them. And that has never made me wanna look down on those that hasn’t quite make it in life too, including myself.

So, my ‘outgay’ comment has made Highschoolfriend1 to bring Highschoolfriend3 into our thread of comments for no relevant reasons. And, predictably, Highschoolfriend1 went on with the jokes we shared in school, some being quite offensive. We used to make fun of Highschoolfriend3’s dad baldness. And me coming out has somewhat been a target for punny punchlines (according to Highschoolfriend1). The truth is, we are over it and we’ve moved on.

I do admit I should not have commented that way. But, as a grown up man, I thought Highschoolfriend1 could take it and laugh at it. But no, he brought back all the insults and memories of the past. The ugly part of this is how they were not light things to say. When we were young, we would find ways to win each other in conversations or a verbal conflict without being ethical. The 36 years old me would NEVER make fun of people balding, especially of that of one of our friends’ dad.

The whole thread escalated to Highschoolfriend1 insisting we did gay mass orgy during sleepovers, which is a complete cheap shot. Of course, naturally, Highschoolfriend2, Highschoolfriend3 and I have shot back with the word “irrelevance”, since it SURE IS irrelevant on these things he brought up in the thread.

The last comment of this thread is a “Fuck you all” by Highschoolfriend1, which is sad and it’s quite a shame. In this game of humor, it’s either you start and finish with a win or you move on, appreciating the roast. If you want to roast me, you gotta out-roast me til the point that I would applaud with the appreciation of your humor, no matter how much of an insult you would have caused towards me. But JUST BE CLEVER and RELEVANT!

Like I said, it’s sad and it sorta ruined the mood! Good on you, Highschoolfriend1!

Dream from last night : Coming from someone like me who believes that dreams are actually things happening in an alternate universe, it sometimes scares me when things are relatably too real, especially Dream 2.
Dream 1: There was a demolition done to a building right beside my family’s suburb, Thuwana, in Myanmar. I hugged my grandmother and made sure my mom was ok since the whole demolition of that building felt like a 10 minutes earthquake of a huge Richter scale.
Dream 2: My current partner looked me in the eye and nervously said “If it’s ok to fuck another man for the last time” before we commit to ourselves. Before I could give an answer, I woke up.