4 Minutes Past 5

dec21As much as I do not really see this current job I’m in as something that is sustainable sufficient for my future, I do love my job. My bosses are great. I’m one of their golden children. My colleagues are awesome. Office politics is more of a family than the possible group of passive aggressive bitchism. But then, the job can get a bit weird at times.

Being a customer service agent, my schedule is tight. By tight, I have to be very pedantic about punctuality and break times. Constantly answering phone calls, our time in our cubicle is always recorded and it affects our performance on a monthly basis. I would always have this in mind as salesmen have KPIs in their head.

For some weird reason, my finish time is 6 past five. Yes, you read it right. Six minutes past five pm is my logout time. Once my boss explained to me on this six minutes but I do not really remember or get what she meant by it. Obviously, by the time the clock strikes 5 pm, I would be super ready to think about leaving work. As much as I am committed to what I do at work, I do like the idea of going home to binge-Netflixing. But,as luck has it, I’m quite known for getting calls one or two minutes before I’m supposed to leave.

Four minutes past five, I received a phone call today. It was from an angry customer. Angry and spoilt, if you ask me. She was expecting her delivery since the 19th but it has not got to her yet. Yes, I do understand  how frustrating it can be to not be able to get something you are expecting at a required time. But the mentality of most of our customers is that they are smart enough to care to call us once they could see that their deliveries have not reached them. For the case of this customer, the norm of what most of our customers would do is calling us by 21st the latest to let us know that they had not received their delivery. Well, this customer actually did call today.

Theoretically, if you’re a smart customer, you would know that we sometimes have other suppliers we use. And with suppliers, things that we can do with them are limited. The boxes of this customer might be at the depot of our partnering logistic company but that does not mean I can ask these people at their depot to push these boxes to be delivered right away. I mean, I do not have authorities and I do not have any power to make that happen. And, come on! Being a b-to-b company, although I do not expect my customer to be patient or good to us all the time, I would expect a bit of empathy. They are working in companies too and they all know how things work, especially in this first world country.

Australia, with its many abilities, as opposed to third world countries like mine, have a mentality that is based on procedure and an empathy that should not stress others out. The existence of such awesome abilities comes hand in hand with spoilt customers. In my country, there has been time when clients are overpromised and no one would even care about solving it. Customer service is poor and people don’t even feel the need to follow up. In Australia, in a country where you can refund a bought item within the 30 days of purchase, sometimes I wish I could remind these people of how fortunate they are.

But I do understand. With anything we are given, we are never content and we always keep wanting more. We give you a comfortable economy seat with what you can afford, you want a business class. We give you business class, you want a private jet. I get that.

So, it really sucks. It sucks more that I just happened to have three mugs of black coffee today and this has to happen two minutes before my home time. I tried to soothe this spoilt lady. Don’t get me wrong. I do understand her but I just wish she understands ‘reality’ more as opposed to crying out loud about what she wants like a baby in a diaper who just peed in her nappies. I will try hard for her for sure. She just has to shut up.

This drama shall continue tomorrow unfortunately. For all it’s worth, this too shall pass and it will be a five days holiday soon anyways.

Dream from last night : I noticed that the person you think was in your dream would change just after a 5 minutes nap. I woke up today and remembered this dream but I took a five minutes nap, only to realize after that I was not sure of who the person was in the dream. It’s not that I don’t remember. It’s just that I have no idea if it was person A or person B.
Dream 1: I was plotting of killing my friend, Aye Aung, for some reason. Finally I did manage to burn him alive but then, at this point, I remember that it was not him I burned alive. I burned P’Mod (my ex boss I love dearly) alive as if it was the plan I always had along.
Dream 2: Someone wrote a book or something. I was eating ice cream and cake. Suddenly I was talking with U Zaw Myint Oo. This dude was one of those work friends who used to work for a magazine and interviewed me during my hey days of being a celebrity back in Myanmar (fact!!)  For some reason I dreamt about him?
WEIRD SHIT: So, Soe San the guy from my dream two days ago, invited me to like his page on Facebook. This is weird because he and I are never kept in touch and after dreaming about him two nights before, he communicated me on Facebook. Maybe it was a group invite but it’s interesting how he just popped back into my life.