Calling Truce

Every workplace has this certain common nemesis that brings a whole team together. It brings the whole department together. To be honest, the department in my workplace, I work in, is quite united. Maybe it’s the nature of our customer service, which involves people sitting in and talking on phone lines during their strict scheduled time. We rarely have time to bitch about each other and I don’t mean to be biased but I do have a good team. This does not really need this nemesis to unite us more but we DO have one common nemesis.

I am sure this girl is just doing her job and maybe she has so much on her plate but she works for one of our suppliers. She can come of as quite defensive, rude and irresponsible. She lacks persistency in following up and she rarely get things done. Unfortunately, I have been picked by my boss to liaise directly with her.

My boss thinks I’m too nice. My boss thinks I’m patient. My boss thinks I’m tolerant. But the truth is I want to get things done with. I want results. I want to be able to scratch things off my to-do-list and with this minor OCD that I have, I hate to see things on my to-do book unscratched as ‘done’ or ‘complete’. So I tried my hardest to tolerate with this girl that I had to work with from our supplier team.

This Christmas marks the first year that I have been with this company. Out of nowhere, I received a postcard today from our very own lovely nemesis. Don’t get me wrong. I guess, when you want something out of something, it’s only normal you get to learn to love your enemies. This girl has somewhat become really close to me. I still do not trust her, nor I think she’s good at what she does, but I have become quite empathetic and she has become a friend to me, although I had never seen her before.

That gesture of a postcard signed by her to wish our whole team “Merry Christmas” was sweet. It might be encouraged by her boss or her manager to do this. We might be one of the many companies she wrote a postcard to but it felt great to get it.

It felt even better when my boss and I had a one on one today as part of our monthly thing. She did compliment me on my achievements and how I was progressing well. And she pointed out that I had been liaising well with our supplier, even though it was not easy at all. I kinda scoffed, grabbing my boss down to reality, saying it was just one of them cards they would’ve sent to all their customers.

“This is the first time we got from them, Hein. And we got this after you started working with her”

It might still be a co-incidence that their company has come up with a brilliant idea this year to send a greetings post cards to all of their customers but what my boss said made me happy. My intention was just to get things done and to be able to have a good relationship with someone I would have to constantly work with and I guess I must have been pushing the right buttons but we got a greetings postcard for the first time. It sure, as hell, felt good 🙂

Dream from last night : these dreams seem like they all happen in one go but it felt like they had nothing in common or relevance with one another.
Dream 1: A friend I hardly know from Myanmar, Soe San, and this other guy, and I were in the same house. We were cooking noodles and I ate half of his noodle. For some reason, we were like really close friends.
Dream 2: Having a family outing at the movies. My grandad and grandmom were playing golf before that but they stayed home and slept. Dad was still alive and he was playing guitar. He plays really good guitar.
Dream 3: My grand-dad (from my mom’s side) wanted to hit the loo and I had to accompany him. For some reason, instead of toilets, he pooed in one of the food displays of one of the food stalls at the cinema lounge. For some reason, this was supposed to feel normal.
Dream 4: My sister threw a fit because she could not find a charger. For some reason, the next thing we know, we were at an earring shop. She bought a feather earring and I bought a bow and arrow earring.