Molly & Me

I know this might not come across as something I should be sharing with everyone of you readers as if it’s a good thing but it’s just something to put into record. I’m not that much of a risker but that has not stopped me from having that ‘I would try everything once’ attitude. Apart from stupid things like phone game apps or toy collection, I am not that much of an addictive person.

Having my trusted friend with me on a Friday night tonight, I decided to pop some pills with him. I have never done any pills before in my life. Well, I’ve done the one where my friend melt over a spoon to smoke it with a bong which does not allow me to sleep; like I’ve said, it didn’t get me addicted either. Did it once and that was it. So, getting back to today, I just wanna find out what it’s like to feel like these other pill poppers in clubs. It seems like there is this trend for this new culture of people who likes to enjoy bopping their heads in EDM festivals with some chemicals inside of them.

Without checking what it was, I just trusted my friend while he and I both popped a pill each before we entered the gay club, Arq. Another thing about me and drugs/pills is how it does not really affect me much, apart from LSD, although I have to admit I was still myself even on that. So, when I did weed with my buddies in Myanmar, they would be laughing their asses off. I would be laughing at some point but the most non-common thing that I had ever done on weed was converse non-step about how science is proportional to religion and stuffs like that.

It was a great night actually but the effect was not that noticeable. I did notice I was dancing so much. Kept dancing and dancing. I was friendlier to people. I had more confidence in approaching people but this was not really unlike me since I am a social person. But it was more like I did not give a fuck about what others think. I was dancing with others and for some reason, the other people seems so friendly and the music was just so good. I had no idea what they were playing but it felt good and I was just so on top there. I kept drinking and drinking with my friend and it felt like one of those ‘hot shot’ nights where everything just seemed so right.

But to be honest, I was aware of everything. It was not like I was drunk. I enjoyed every minute of it. I remembered most of it although I was pretty curious if there were any time that I was not myself and I had slipped to somewhere else without knowing. My friend told me I seemed just happy and fine. It was a good night and that’s all I remembered. If I had to pinpoint the bad thing about this was the fact that I chewed my inner cheeks a lot. I asked my friend what the game was and it was Molly!

Like I’ve said, I’m positively sure I will not get addicted and I would not stop anyone from doing it if only they would promise that this will not be a habit. It’s a risk to be honest. So, take it only if you can win over your mind like me. For me, it’s a tick off my bucket list and it’s nothing more. I might do it again but not on a regular basis or not enough to waste my life away.


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