Kinky Heels

I am not so sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing but when I really like someone, I tend to be tune myself into anything they want me to do, sort of unsure about whether I like it or not. I once was asked if there was an animal that I resemble and it took me a while to realize that I would so be a chameleon if I was an animal. Why? Because I easily blend into the surrounding whenever I’m comfortable.

As weird and as unique as fetishes go, Mr747 has a fetish and his was kinda so unique. He’s into wearing heels and by ‘heels’, I mean girls high heels. He owns a pair and he told me how he would wear this at times when he was cleaning his room. And he also once mentioned tonight how he once wore this while having sex and the dude who was doing him was so turned on. I guess it’s the fact that I really like him that kinda shadow the fact that this was something I was too new to.

Once again, Mr747 and I met again and he invited me over to his place to watch Star Trek with him. Funnily enough, after a bit, he started wearing his fishnet underwear and showed me. He also added “I do not know why I am showing you this”. There was nothing wrong with the fish net underwear actually but then, he started wearing his lady’s high heels and the next thing I know, he was completely boning me with his heels on.

apr6It turned him on because he felt so comfortable with me being so cool with this. To be honest, I am not so sure if I am cool with this or as I have mentioned, I am just so in ‘like’ with him and it blinded me from the fact that I should be a bit weirded out by this. All in all, it was good sex and come to think of it, things have been escalating fast. He held my hands last night as we walked home and today, he had sex with me again.