Push Before The Shove

No matter how nerve-wrecking it seems, I have been waiting for today. It’s the day that I would get to meet Mr747‘s housemate and his housemate’s boyfriend. It’s not because I wanted to desperately meet them but it’s just nice that Mr747 seems to be comfortable with inviting me over to some event he normally shares with his friend. Yes, I cannot help myself. As much as I do not want to go around in circles imagining things in my head with this imaginary possibility that we can somehow be more than friends one day, life with Mr747 seems such a big deal in my life at this moment.

It’s plain to see that I like Mr747 but I do have to tell myself again and again that there are no obvious symptoms that would lead both of us to share something more than a friend. By that, I do not mean we would have to be boyfriends or partners right away. I was referring more to a date that can blossom between us. What happens afterwards depends but it’s always there, that thought in my head, that we are somehow more than just friends.

I reached to the bar where we were all meeting up for trivia first. Mr747 finally got there with this really young guy with him. For one second, I was a bit jealous and a bit intimidated. It was only after that one second that I remember he would be coming with his flatmate and his flatmate’s boyfriend. Please let this be one of them. Please let this be one of them. And hopefully not someone who is a plus one from his end. After the introduction, I was relieved to find out that it was his flatmate’s boyfriend. You can’t blame me there. For all I know, I thought his flatmate and his flatmate’s boyfriend would have come together at the same time.

Later, his flatmate joined us and we started our trivia. At first, Mr747 was going to sit near his flatmate’s boyfriend and I would face him I guess. But the flatmate’s boyfriend told him how he would prefer sitting with his boyfriend, which means both Mr747 and I would be sitting together. It was a bench and halfway through the trivia, I started to poke Mr747 from under the table. He kept saying ‘don’t do it’ in a joking way but then he would keep poking me back with his finger as well. Then we would just be skin to skin. It was a cheeky tease between the two of us. I really enjoyed it because it was just fun and kinda cute that he responded to me as well.


The trivia went well I guess and I have to admit, his flatmate and his flatmate’s boyfriend weren’t that bad. They seem to be decent guys and it was yet another great night with Mr747.