747 Touch Down

When push comes to shove, it escalates to an extreme with Mr747. So, finally we met up again last night. Instead of going out for drinks, we decided to go over to his place for wine. We drank wine at the balcony and as per usual, we talked about anything, while one topic clicks from one random to another. He opened a bottle of wine while he puts his favorite song “Go West” by Pet Shop Boys in the background. On the other hand, he started to show me his side-hobby, where he is trying to work on setting up room lighting with censor switches controllable from his handphone.


It was when we started watching TV on his huge couch that we started to get cozy. The next thing we know, I was in his arms beside him, cuddling and snuggling up while we watched funny Youtube videos. While we were snuggled up, he said “I feel so comfortable with you. I don’t know why”. There were times where our face would get closer. Close enough to kiss but he would stop himself and say “I won’t do it”. I assured him it’s ok and there is no need to feel uncomfortable about it.

Mr747 also started mentioning about how he would think a lot before he ruins the moments with others because they would just leave the next day and they would not return. I told him I was going nowhere. I don’t know. It was pure comfort with no expectations. I was just feeling so comfortable with him and I am just enjoying every second of this night with him.

After a Monty Python and a few youtube clips, he asked if I wanted to sleep over. I didn’t mind. Then, afterwards, he mentioned something about having breakfast together the next morning. Knowing I had to go to medical check up this morning, I told him I would settle for lunch. We retired to his bed and I noticed that he started to fart. Ok, we were not on a date and this was the first time we were together in his bed. It was not gross and it was not stinky actually but we both laughed at him farting and he said “I don’t know why I did that but I feel so comfortable with you”

Back in his room, at first he was in his boxers. I was in my T shirt and boxer brief. Then, he asked me if I sleep in my T shirt. I said ‘not really’. I stripped. Then we started to cuddle a bit. By this time, we were almost spooning each other. Then, he asked me if I sleep in boxers. Not sure why but when I said ‘sometimes’, he reached for one of his boxers and both of us cuddled next in our boxers. It was about five minutes later that he decided to sleep naked with me. The next thing we knew, we were spooning each other nude.

Just like he was in the living room, he started to warm up to me but whenever his face got near my face, he would say “No. I am not going to do it”. I didn’t force him and I went with his flow but before we knew it, it escalated to a full make out. While we made out, he said “Do not expect anything, ok? We will not have sex”. Sure, I assured him. After pashing for some time, both of us fell asleep with his arm around me and me asleep in his arms.

It was 4 am when we both woke up out of nowhere. We were in our morning breath. For some reason, we started making out again and before I knew what was going on, both of us hit third base and then out of nowhere, the next thing I knew was him grabbing for his box of condoms. We hit homerun. I was pretty sure he had mentioned about him bottoming for other guys before and out of nowhere, he had become the top in this situation. Kinda works for a complete bottom like me. I can’t complain. I will not go into details but all I can say is even though he is not a good kisser, sex was good and I had fun. Maybe it was the intimacy we both built as well.

It was 6 am when we finished. I decided to go home since I had to get ready for my medical check up anyways. As I was dressing up, he asked me if I wanted him to drive me back home. It was a nice gesture. I mean, it was 6 am and who would, in his right mind, be awake enough to send someone he just had sex with home. Full of intrigue and with a head full of questions, I kissed him goodbye as I got off at my place.

I do not know what it is and I do not like to think what it is but I liked it and I don’t want to ruin it!