My Soundtrack (March 2017)

Music influences my life and I always have this imaginative music at the background of my head for each and every minute of my life. Some songs healed me. Some songs cured me. Some songs moved me. Some songs gave me warmth. The following songs are the ten songs that had made it memorable for this month, with the reasons why, in no particular order.

Adele – I Miss You
It’s true what they say about how live music sounds so much better for other songs. This month, I was fortunate enough to be able to see Adele live. To be honest, I did not really like 25 album much but after seeing her perform live, I began to really like the songs in that album. I remember hating this song with the long intro but I guess this is one of my recent favorite now. Image result for adele 25
La Bouche – Be My Lover
I normally do not like to go to the DJ in clubs to ask for songs. Especially this song but BroJ00 and I have had this dance once where I realized this was one of the songs that he could sing to. (normally he does not know the songs I know) So I was surprised when he knows this song. Even better! I actually asked the DJ to play this song this time round. Related image
Enschway & Graves – Vulnerable
This month, not only marks the first time I have been to a trap gig, but also the first time I injure my nose until it bleeds dramatically on the dancefloor. It just so happens that it was Enschway’s gig. As much as I love this guy’s work, I did not have that much time to enjoy his whole set since I got injured halfway through his set. Image result for enschway vulnerable
Bahamas – Lost In The Light
I do admit that there has been so much ups and downs in my life, I still feel so lost. I feel like I have not reached the point in life where I feel ok with the things around me. As much as I have so much light shone on me, it seems like I’m still lost. Related image
Dashboard Confessional – Several Ways To Die Trying
No, I am not this depressed and I do believe that this song, despite the name of the song, is not that depressing. I remember this song back in 2004 when this gay friend of mine in the States sent this song to me online. I did not like it at first but everytime I listen to it, it makes me feel so nostalgic. Image result for dashboard confessional die trying
Butch Walker – Take Tomorrow (One Day At A Time)
When things start to overwhelm me a lot, like this month does, I guess it’s always a slap in the face to take one day at a time. Busy days at work, the uncertainty with guys I met and the inability to save money. It does get to me at times and I have to remind myself of this. Image result for butch walker left and self
Joni Mitchell – A Case Of You
I just wish one day I’ll be able to love someone this much. It seems like I’m constantly in fear of whether they will be there for me or if they’ll love me back. I wish I could drink a case of someone and still be on my feet. Image result for joni mitchell a case of you
Raspberries – Go All The Way
I love songs like these and melodies like these or The Beach Boys! I think I’m one of those people who died when The Beach Boys and these melodic songs were popular hahaha Image result for raspberries go all the way
Parekh & Singh – I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll
I actually found this group through the radio but I fell in love with them instantly. Apparently they are from Calcutta, but their music is produced in England. This music has put me in such a crazy peaceful mood at crazy times this month. Image result for Parekh & Singh - I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll
Blackberry Smoke – Up The Road
I guess my choice of songs are a bit depressing this month. I guess I am feeling a bit lonely this month. It’s always because there is a potential someone lurking around the corner. It’s true what Ben Folds Five says “Now that I have found someone, I’m feeling more alone”. And this song says it all as well “Things ain’t always better… up the road” Image result for blackberry smoke the whippoorwill

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