Concord or 747 (Part 2)

So, after back and forth conversing with Mr747, it so turned out that there is a chance that we do not just exist via whatsapp. I will be meeting him tomorrow!!!

Ok, before I make myself sound like a retarded girl in high school who just got asked by the heart-throb football jock to be his date at the prom, let me just say that I am really happy about this ONLY because I was a bit worried that this connection between me and Mr747 is going to stop via messaging.

Yes, it’s one thing to keep up with conversations or chats from dating apps and as I have blogged before, he seems to be doing a really good job at being able to talk with me or have something to chat about with me most of the time. From most of the people I had known from dating apps, he is, by far, the best since it was not a conversation where we ask each other what we’re wearing or conversations where we anticipate what we would do each other, if horny. It was just really good chat/conversation between him and me.

Now that we have established that we will be meeting again for the second time, it seems pretty awesome how these chats could lead up to actually meeting face to face with Mr747 again. Truth be told, I am not really expecting anything and even if there is anything to be expected, I will not mind the wait. However, I’m just glad that something good is evolving and even if it was a friendship between us, I would be grateful since it’s really rare to get a friendship out of Grindr too.

I guess I’m looking forward to meeting him tomorrow…..


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