Full Time Me

mar20It was just before I took the Friday off on the first week of this month that I realized that I was not a full time employee at my job. That’s just me actually. I would hear other people’s conversations that are not important. I would remember small things that don’t really matter. I would know details that does not really amount to anything but important details such as this I do not know of.

Last year around Christmas, my team leader at work was going on and on about how it’s important for all of us to give our annual leaves dates earlier. To this, I just ignored and thought of just accumulating for next year since my mom won’t be in Myanmar this year. Little do I know that I am not accustomed to paid annual leave. In fact, I could take as many day offs as I want but I will not be paid for it.

Adele’s concert was on during the first Friday of this month and I took that day off. I remember my boss telling me that even though I am not entitled to be paid for taking that day off, they will still pay me since I had been staying back more hours. I really appreciate what my boss did but that was then that I got super confused about how I was actually not a full time employee at my job as yet. Then, I thought to myself how this could be just my probational phase and that I would still have to prove that I’m worth keeping during this phase.

My team leader asked me for a small meeting last Friday and that was then that I found out that I was actually still on temporary but now they would like to shift me to become a full timer. As for the probation, it would start only as of now. This has been one of the best news that I have heard in a very long time. This means I will just have to keep doing the best I can without having to fear that I do not belong at a place. This means I am going to be just like the other people. This all came to a good beginning as my boss placed a “full time employee” contract on my cubicle desk as I was talking with a customer today.

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