Dream Master

This blog entry starts with a message from one of my online friends. Now, we have never met since he’s in another part of Australia but we have had good chats and he has sent me two new undies, two packets of pancake mix and shampoos and moisturizers to me after he got back from Hawaii, which, to me, was a cute gesture. I somewhat feel a connection with him and since we have chatted on the phone before, it’s not like he’s some online creep. So, this was his message.


My life does not rely on things like these but that does not mean I do not believe in these things. I’m quite open minded with things like these and as much as it sounded crazy, I still appreciate my friend from spending time to type these down. He said that out of concern. I had this in my mind but I did not really have these details on top of my head but the thing is. His dream DID COME TRUE. As freaky as it sounds, everything in there happened around me. Of course, some has to be taken in different contexts. So this is what happened.

According to my friend’s dream, the first thing was : “We went for ice cream, you pink, me green.”

The plan, today, was to watch the movie “Logan” with BroJ00 and to go for drinks with him after the movie. As much as I appreciate my friend’s message, as I have said earlier, I do not rely my life on it and I just decided that I would go out nonetheless. So, before the movie, I decided to go to one of my favorite Thai restaurants to have an early dinner. Noticing this place has my favorite crushed ice dessert, I ordered this.


It might not have been an ice cream but it’s crushed ice. It’s half green and half pink. As much as one would say how the dream sequence might have been circulating in the sub-conscious part of my head, I swear to God I did not really read my friend’s message in details. Plus, I even forgot about the part that we ordered ice cream, let alone remembering the color.

The next line is : “A storm came in and you said let’s hide here and you ran in”

Well, it was raining in Sydney and my friend and I had to walk to the cinema in the rain. It was not a storm and it was a light drizzle but I remembered hopping in and out of shades with my friend on our way to the cinema.

Next : “I shouted after you to stop. It was a giant maze. there was a man in there and I could hear him firing a gun” This was followed by some lines as shown on the picture above, which was pretty much a work of my online friend’s fat fingers as he typed things that grammatically made no sense. But summarizing it, there were people with guns trying to shoot me and he shot back.

As my friend and I watched Logan, which was an awesome movie by the way, there was this one scene of a car chase into the corn maze. It was then that I remembered about this dream my friend said. A maze! Then, as I recalled the thing I ate and how it was pink and green, I started to notice how, in small dosages, my friend’s dream has become a bit of my reality!


The movie, itself, is of Wolverine saving this little kid/mutant, with a bad scientist and some killer gangs trailing him and the girl with guns. A lot of shootings!

Everything that happened today, although it was not exactly like the dream my friend was talking about, were those things that was in his dream. I literally saw everything that was in his dreams. As much as I did not want to rely my life on my friend’s dream, I was a wee bit concerned about continuing our post-movie drinking plan. After the movie, I asked my friend what we should both do. Given it was raining and given we were both tired, we both decided to call it a night.

So yeah, although it was not because of my friend’s dream, I felt a bit safer going home. For all it’s worth, be it true or not, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Although this can be  just a major huge-ass trail of co-incidences between my reality and my friend’s dream, I could never doubt the wonders of those things around us. Those messages we cannot decipher. Those things that are unseen by us. Have we not been looking into them closely? How would one know? In all its beauty, ‘mystery’ always never fails to amaze me.

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