UnSpice Up Your Life

Before anybody jumps to any conclusion after reading three paragraphs into this blog entry, please hear me out when I say that there is no bad intentions and this blog entry is not a hate entry, nor it is a personal diss to any nationality or race. If it should bother anyone of you, you can stop reading my blog posts but let me assure you one more time that there is no hatred nor bad point of view on any races from my end, although it might sound like it. Please do not read between the lines and just know that this is something I am sharing with you from my own personal experience.

Indian food is something I crave for and love. I also love Indian culture and some Hindi movies are worth the watch, for both their cultural slapstick comedic guilty pleasure or their artistic concepts. I do have a lot of Indian friends too and I am never to shun away any hot Indian boys. And by Indians, I meant to include all Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans, Indians and Pakistanis. It’s not like I am stereotyping them as one would to Chinesees, Japanesees and Koreans but I am only putting them in a group because I have been friends with people from these four countries and all of them LOVE Hindi films and Hindi music or Bollywood films. And honestly, their food use heavy dosage of masala or these heavy scented herbs or spice.


As much as I love these heavy scented herbs and spice on food, I do not really like it when it lingers around a person’s body. Now, this does not mean I would run away from people who has this funky post-herb-and-spice-dietary scents. I do have friends who whiffs this certain funk of a smell from miles away that would itch my nose but it will never stop me from hugging them or sitting next to them. However, when it comes to being super intimate, as in having sex or sharing a bed naked, with someone with the funky whiff, I prefer not to! So, I do love these smell on food but not on a human being as an aftermath of heavy dosage of these heavily scented spice and herbs.

Skin tone and color have different scents on a human being and I’m aware of this because I have worked for a fragrance company before. However, I do not believe that people are born with a stink. In fact, I even experimented this where I would eat these heavily scented herbs and spices for a week. And ALAS! I started to sweat this funky aftermath of a whiff on my skin. So, rest assured and proven from my experience, it is DEFINITELY the food and not the skin of a person.

When it comes to getting intimate with a guy in bed, I do not expect them to bathe themselves in Christian Dior Eau de parfum, although that would be ideal, and I can deal with minor odor. There is this body odor, which gets cuter as one indulges themselves into a heavy commitment. When you have lyrics like “your bedsheet smells like you”, you do know for sure that people are still attracted to people’s natural skin odor. I do not mind kissing smokers, nor waking up to kiss someone with the morning breath. However, when it comes to this heavy herb and spice odor, I really cannot bear it. I cannot get a turn on and I cannot focus on the sex.

I was at Palms tonight. It was supposed to be my fat weekend and I did not really dress much but I just put on a funky fedora, white T shirt and those pants that reveal the ankle of my low-cut socks hiding trendy formal shoes. Plain and simple yet a bit trendy, I was heavily relying on what I wear but not expecting people to swarm around me since I was feeling a bit obese this weekend. However, to my surprise, I had this cute guy who kept dancing with me.

He kept hugging me from the back and touching me in places on the dancefloor. I checked him out and I could see he was a dark skinned South Asian cutie. His body was just the type I like. Not muscled, not lean but just right. I love the way he man-handled me as well. I like it when men touch me without having to be flaky or freaky. There was just ONE THING. He smelled! It was not a stink and it was not a bad odor. It was not even a body odor but it was that aftermath of the trace of heavily-consumed South Asian herb and spice. I just got totally turned off and I tried my very best to be polite with shoving him off.

Fortunately, as I was sitting on the table, watching my friends dance on the dance floor, a salt and pepper facial hairy guy checked me out and we started talking. He thought I was good looking and I thought he was super cute. I knew he was older than me but he asked me why I would be interested in someone who is 42 years old. I told him I was 36 and that he would still be six when I was born. Calling him a daddy would not be right and I told him age has never been a bother. So, for the first time in a very long while, I picked up a phone number from a gay pub. I would’ve followed him home but he was working the next day. So, I took his phone number. We made out. He was a good kisser and he had the breath of a spearmint in his mouth. I even felt bad that I had a huge after taste of Coopers in my mouth.


In my convenience, I do not really have to feel bad for feeling the need to reject the spicy man. He saw me kissing SaltNPepa and I’m sure he got the gist. So, folks, as I have mentioned, it’s just my preference. I am not saying anything is right, nor wrong. It’s just my huge preference to have these spice on something I could chew and swallow and I am sure no men would appreciate being chewed on as well. And as for SaltNPepa, I gotta see if I will meet him again soon!

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