Loving Right

When this thing called ‘love’ was created, whoever created it is pretty smart. Love is the worst thing that fucks us up, especially when it comes to bringing out the opposite of what everything is. It weakens a strong man. It can turn everything from white to black and from black to white. It makes nighttime appropriately the best time to wish for daylight and it makes daytime too bright to yearn for the stars to come out at night.

One of my close friends has found someone on Tinder and what started from a hook up has turned into an endless series of flirtatious chats. The only thing that was a bit unbalanced here was how my friend was the one who was writing essays, when the other dude was just writing in sentences that do not have more than seven words in each of them. My friend is pretty well known and well loved for his easy going free spirit and he’s not the one that has a bad self esteem like I would. However, alas, after meeting this hook up guy who has turned his person upside down, it’s easy to see how affected he has been by this thing called love.

My once strong friend was chatting with me and my other friend in a group chat on Facebook messenger, asking us what he should write next. Then, he would tell us how he would feel like he wanted to type more. At times, he would go in circles trying to fight this temptation to do more for this guy. I could see that inner battle as he sways from one decision to another on what to do next with this guy he is subconsciously interested in. I am not saying ‘love’ as yet but this is where ‘love’ starts anyways, right?

Funnily enough, watching my friend chase after his own tail, going in circles, I could so easily see how he was more interested in the other guy than that other guy was interested in him. But then again, if I were in his shoes, I would have been the same. It’s funny how we see things clearer as the third person, as opposed to looking at things from the first person’s point of view. As much as I can give him good advice and see things so clear about what is happening with him and the other guy, if I were him, I would’ve been so blinded by the light of these emotions that can lead to love in the later stages.

Love is not a bad thing. It is a great thing but it is only good with the right person. Loving the wrong person can hurt so much and just cause so much disastrous outcomes. As I have mentioned earlier, love does tip things over and bring out the most opposite things to one’s contents.


But this is also what makes love so worth it and this is the reason why we all need to find the ‘right’ person. Because that feeling to enjoy this joyride with the right person is the most treasured valuable thing in our lives. What can turn a day into night and black to white, it is surely much more enjoyable with someone beside you who can shine brighter with you in the darkest of nights or block the intrusive rays to be able to see how bright the stars are at night.

The game of love is not about the thing called love itself. The game of love lies within finding that someone. The right someone. That ‘one’ catch in our lives that we all starve of love for. And with this, I still stick to what I believe. I rather be single than to be with a person who is never right for me. It’s either I find that person or I’m better off on my own.

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