Potential Past Swipe

My psychic has told me for more than a few times to not go back to those guys I have had ‘moments’ in the past with. Don’t go back to your exes. Don’t go back to those people who you have met in the past. It almost seems like my love life is pretty much one directional according to what he said.

It also helps that I usually have full-package endings with my exes. Yes, my first ex is still on my Facbeook, and so is that person I was in a creepy online relationship with. However, I hardly talk to them and I don’t really find the need to delete them off my life. I’m just not that involved. As the other exes go, I have pretty much erased them out of my life. Some of them have tried to crawl back in and I have always been the type to cater that but fearing it would come across as a lead on, I just simply kicked them out of my life. Nothing personal. Just logically suitable to do so.

However, there are some men in the past that pretty much disappeared out of nowhere. There has been unexplained reasons to why they might have left it where it had ended. Some has been honest. There was this one guy who mentioned the sex just didn’t do for him anymore and I respect that. There were those who shy away. But then, there were those that just disappeared out of nowhere. Some of them also gave reasons but then again, those reasons kept me in wonders since I would not have wanted it to end as yet.

There was this one guy I have dated back when I was in uni. I would call him BenTheWerewolf, since he reminds me of a werewolf and his name IS actually Ben. Not having him in my life for pretty much more than five years, I am quite confident to blog about him with his real name. And seriously, there are 126,556 Ben’s in US alone (Ref : http://www.howmanyofme.com).

It all started off as a drink date, followed by following him to his place and I have to admit the sex was just awesome. Well, while drinking, we had a blast. Back when the word ‘selfie’ was not invented and when I used to go around with an actual camera in my pocket, I even had pictures with me and him drinking at Stonewall; for some reason, it seems so much easier back then to take pics, when people were not freaked out about their pics being exposed into the abyss of social media to be made into a meme or dumped into the hands of those profesh photoshoppers.

The year was 2009 and I managed to find a picture of me and BenTheWerewolf on my Facebook.


The reason that I have brought him back to my life now is… Well, I was swiping people on Scruff application today and I stumbled across someone on the profiles that looked like him. First of all, I won’t really know if he would swipe ‘interested’ on my picture but I swiped ‘interested’ on his picture. Oh I almost forgot. The reason that we stopped seeing each other back then was because I was looking into us as a date that could have progressed into a relationship. To him, it was more of a fun meet. I ended up messaging him too much more than I should and I guess this was when he realized we were not on the same wavelength. He did mention that he did not see us that way and that he was more than happy to just stay as friends. But me, being me back then, never went on. I was a bit upset I guess. I really liked him.

So, I do not really know if it was him on Scruff. The thing is, there was never drama between us and it would be great to meet again, especially in this era, where I’m pretty much more mature and logically sane. It would be great if he would swipe ‘interested’ on me since that was be the only way he could start a conversation with me. I don’t know what fate has in store for us but it’s quite fun to sit and wonder what would come out of this. Well, we’ll have to make sure that profile was him in the first place, don’t we?

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