Picking Antonio

I have mentioned this before. On how I do believe in psychics and fortune tellers but I do not rely on them. I do have one regular tarot card reader and a regular palm reader/spirit medium, who could predict my future and I have to admit, they both do a pretty awesome job. However, sometime ago back in around 2012, one of my best friends in Myanmar contacted me if I wanted to see this fortune teller.

This fortune teller is one of those that is called upon from oversea by one of the big shots in Myanmar. I am not supposed to say out the name of this big shot and thank God I have actually forgotten who it was. Apparently, this fortune teller is so spot on and I just had to go see him. I finally did and I instantly clicked with him. He’s a flamboyant gay in his late 30’s and he was one of those dead pan readers.


He does not care about what’s right or wrong and he just say it to the face of those who asked him about the future. He read my future. 2012 was the year I have become somewhat cynical about returning to Australia. The fortune teller told me that I would still be going back. How would that even be possible? Given I had not heard from my lawyer who was working on my offshore ‘permanent residency’ application and given there was huge change in the political scene in Sydney, I was a bit hesitant to believe him. Then, he mentioned about how the love of my life is a man I will meet in Australia and he would have a weird European name like “Antonio” or something along that line.

feb5-2Of course, I just kept what he said in my mind and I never really relied on it. However, look at me now! It’s been two years since I got back to Sydney and I am currently holding my PR legally! I never thought I would get back here but here I am.So what are the odds of me meeting the man of my dream, Antonio? Honestly, it’s not that easy to find Antonio’s out there and every time I dated someone whose name is not Antonio, I would always think twice on whether the guy I was dating back then would actually be the man of my life.

I guess I had not found my Antonio since I am still super single. However, whenever an Antonio chat with me, my heart would jump and I would get extremely excited to find out if he was the one. Unfortunately, the only “Antonio” I have talked to within these two years of my stay in Sydney was this guy I chatted from Grindr.

He sounds like a bitter guy who’s having a huge crisis with love. When we first talked, he mentioned that he was here to chat and he does not do sex just like that. Only minutes later, without me asking him, he sent me pictures of his cock. I found that super weird since I had not challenged him anything about hook ups and he defended about how he was on this dating app to have a proper chat and not sex at first meet, only to follow by pictures of his cock. What were those for then? I might not be a super major horny bastard but I do have my standards of being honest with what I want. Wanna fuck? Let’s do it. No drama. Wanna have coffee? Let’s do that! No drama. On the other hand, Antonio just like to dance around the table aimlessly.

So, it has been about two months since we last chat since I gave up talking with someone with so much potential for being bipolar. Antonio came up on Grindr and talked to me today. He talked as if we had never talked before. He talked as if we never had that conversation where he flaunted his sugar coated standards and his penis pictures. I finally told him that we had talked before, to which he did not react much. And I even told him how he had even given me cock pics. I am not so sure if he remembered or not but we conversed about trying to meet up. He asked if he could come around tonight and drive me around. I was honestly tired and I said next time, to which he had said “let’s try Wednesday night”

I do think of this person as someone who is not sane. I do not mean he is retarded but he seems to be just not right. I do not know of his agenda, nor his persona or his plan. I do feel as if I am talking to a different person each time we talk. It has been the second time I talked to him only and I felt like I am talking to this whole new person, making plans and getting hopes up high on meeting up. I am so not into it but somehow, I wanted to test the water. I want to find out if he is ACTUALLY the Antonio of my life.


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