My Soundtrack (January 2017)

Music influences my life and I always have this imaginative music at the background of my head for each and every minute of my life. Some songs healed me. Some songs cured me. Some songs moved me. Some songs gave me warmth. The following songs are the ten songs that had made it memorable for this month, with the reasons why, in no particular order.

NxWorries – Livvin’
this song has always been one of the many songs I listened to on my way to work. Of all the songs I listened to walking to work, this song has always been in my ears. I have never heard of this band before until now and I have to admit most of the songs in their album “Yes Lawd!” are equally addictive.  Image result for nxworries yes lawd
Ace Of Base – Cool Summer
I am never a fan of summer and I have never thought of summer as one of those happy times when everyone starts to smile even though a lot of the people in Australia likes to think otherwise. This month has been tough on me since it has been such a cruel cruel summer.  Image result for ace of base cruel summer
Havana Brown – We Run The Night
This month sees the first time I have been to a gay party. Well, I have been to Mardi Gras after party before. But starting the year with a bang at Daywash for the first time, I also saw Havana Brown performing. I was and never am a big fan of hers but this song is the song I would always hear in Myanmar clubs, which I never knew, was sung by Havana Brown.  Image result for havana brown we run the night
Wham – Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
This was the song my friends and I danced to, when my manager from my previous retail job at Myer and my ex-colleague, who’s like my big sister, came and joined me out of nowhere at Stonewall, just because they got too depressed watching La La Land. Love you guys!  Image result for wham wake me up before you go go
Madonna – Back In Business
Talking about Madonna’s albums with MadonnaFan, I have always wondered why the version on the soundtrack album sounds different from the actual song off the Dick Tracy movie. Funny how the actual Madonna fan has never thought of this.  Image result for madonna back in business
EYC – Black Book
I have been able to realize, this month, that it’s much more convenient to have simultaneous friends with benefits, so we can always try the other ones when one is not free. So, yep, open that black book.  Image result for eyc black book
Jon Bellion – All Time Low
I fell in love with this song as soon as I heard it. I got to know this song from one of the music charts which I had been doing research on for my radio show. Liking this song makes me feel hip as well since I have finally felt like I could appreciate one of the top 40 pop songs of this new generation.  Image result for jon bellion all time low
The Weeknd – I Feel It Coming (featuring Daft Punk)
This is another song I have been constantly putting on repeat this month. My housemate and I talked about how The Weeknd sounds a lot like Michael Jackson in this song. This song just makes me feel so warm and it gets me in this mood where I want to have a boyfriend right away for some reason.  Image result for the weeknd i feel it coming
Nursey Rhymes – Where is Thumbkin
Pushing the pram of my friend’s baby on Oxford Street, I remember thinking to myself how awesome will it be to be able to have a kid of my own one day. It felt even better when the adorable kid, a four year old baby girl, started to sing “Where Is Thumbkin” in French to me. She only spoke in French but both Uncle Hein and babygirl shared one of those valuable moment together.  Image result for where is thumbkin cd
Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone – City Of Stars
Although I have not seen this movie, I have heard the soundtrack and I instantly fell in love with this song on it. I love it so much I ended up singing this on Smule and my housemate started playing this song on his piano as well.  Image result for la la land soundtrack

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