Spin Of Change


Upon talking with my friend about the younger generation, I’ve learnt something today. The whole thing started when she mentioned something about how the younger generations are getting lazier. She has always voiced about how the young generation kids have lost their self-esteem and become a bit more negative. I do agree with her. But then again, I also think that it’s not us who are changing.

First of all, I do believe that people have not become lazier but we have just been exposed to the rise of technology. Take Netflix TV series these days for example. Most of them does not really have more than ten episodes while back in my younger days, there used to be 22 episodes for one season of Desperate Housewives. People these days have lost their attention span and they have become more ADHD than usual. But as I have mentioned, it’s not the young people’s fault. It’s nobody’s fault. We are just exposed to more options.

I used to remember my elders telling me how back in their days they never had mobile phones. They would have to make an effort to run to their phones on some house furniture the phone was placed on, whereas I could be lying on my bed with the handphone next to me. I could say the same thing for kids these days. Why do kids these days spend too much time on the phone? Why do they take pics? It’s because these source of communication or that media platform they deal with have evolved. With such evolution, people have started to evolve as well.

Not to disrespect my friend because I know she has all the best intentions in the world, I do, however, not want to end up like my grandparents or my elders. We, as human beings, are not that good with changes. To make things worse, once we stopped paying attention to the changes around us, we tend to get side tracked with the things we are comfortable with. I do not want to sound like my grandparents. I do not want to blame the kids these days. I do not want to have to tell them how they are doing things wrong. I, in my most honest humble opinion, want to accept the change and encourage them.

As Whitney once sang, “I believe that children are our future”, there is nothing for me to do but just to watch how things will lead. Is this generation becoming more fucked up than ever? Who am I to judge? For all I know, the elders used to think how people our age have become spoilt. In our heads, we never got why the elders put so much pressure on us.

“You don’t read newspapers anymore.” “You don’t read” “You don’t play in the playground” “You don’t spend quality time” Well, we all have social media with more news than before. We read our phones all the time. We do go to gym that leads to narcissism and even so, we have even started to appreciate activities as something we make an effort to do. And yes, we all do spend quality time but it’s just that whatever we have done is the past is not the same with what we have now.

Change has come and as a 35 years old person who’s going on 36 this year, I have finally decided to accept the change. I might not be able to adapt to these changes but I just cannot find anything bad to say about it, nor need to change anything about it. Life is a cycle and things just spin its natural course. What matters most to me now is to just live the present with as much happiness as I can find.

Despite so much hate on social media or just negativity that is going around these days, I am sure that we are all adapting ourselves so much that we all still can live happily. It’s just important not to forget to live. In the end, that’s what the elders want us to do, isn’t it?

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